Semai Sekaide

Anime episode reviews.

To, well… wherever this is – Final words about Binbougami ga!

The good

  • They do a great job on over-the-top humor with a lot of running, stuff breaking down and shouting. You know the drill.
  • Ichiko’s dilemma’s and character development is fun to watch. A lot happened in those 13 episodes actually.
  • A bunch of fun characters, especially Momou.
  • References are always fun, and they had a few good ones that I understood. I bet that I missed a lot of them though.

The bad

  • Maybe a bit too much focus on breasts and all the other ecchi stuff. It was funny a few times, but not every time. I’m not really fond of Bobby as the perverted character either.
  • Not every episode was good, honestly. There were a bunch of bland episodes that didn’t do much for me. Especially a few serious ones that weren’t very interesting.
  • It usually was the same problem in the serious episodes: friends/others vs herself. It got predictable after a while.

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