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Accel World – Episode 24

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Two more shows, two more weeks left.


Haruyuki and Takumu were fighting Seiji in a final battle, and right when they were almost killed, Snow Black arrives to save the day.

About this episode

With that beginning, I was seriously wishing that they wouldn’t pull some friendship thing with Seiji, that in the end Seiji turns into a good guy. The thing with Seiji is that he was created as an evil antagonist, not somebody who could turn into a fun main character later on. And the same in the end actually, where Seiji was begging that Haruyuki spares him. I was really glad that Haruyuki finished Seiji off. You can’t trust him anyways, so why believe him?

The final battle was done well. Somehow the Gale Thruster with its charging thing and the blasts of air it shoots out looks cooler than Haruyuki’s wings. Unrelated, but I thought of Mawaru Penguindrum every time that I heard Haruyuki shout “Imagine!”.

And piggy gets the naked chicks.

Honestly, Chiyuri really scared me for a sec when she used her Citron Call. I couldn’t believe that she’d side with Seiji at this point. And then more unexpected stuff happened: Seiji lost his wings to Haruyuki. I hoped that this wasn’t some random thing where friendship prevails, and luckily it wasn’t. Now that I look at this scene again, you can also see Seiji wielding that tentacle and other thing that he had in his first battle against Haruyuki. He didn’t use them in episode 23/24 so that’s another subtle hint that Chiyu turned back time.

The combination of the wings and the Gale Thruster added another layer of awesomeness. I have to say, this last part where Haruyuki finished off Seiji was amazingly well done. And like I said before, it was awesome how Haruyuki killed off Seiji when he was begging and screaming on the floor. He deserved it, that’s all there is to say about this.

And Chiyu: now we know. And she even joined Nega Nebulous. So my theory about her wanting to stop Haruyuki and Takumu from playing was wrong after all. But I’m curious what else they can do with an ability like hers. It sounds like something that can be used in really creative ways. We may never find out, who knows if there will be a season 2 of this. I bet that they’ll first let the novels catch up a bit before animating more Accel World though.

Then the scene with Snow Black. It was almost funny how she tried to be her cool and collected self but failed miserably all the time. She was blushing and jumping up and down the building lol.

It’s also interesting that Seiji doesn’t remember anything. He looks like a much nicer person now actually. And a lot meeker too, which is for the best I guess. Let me be a bit critical about the last part though: it was necessary, but it doesn’t seem like a fitting end for the first 24 episodes. Sky Raker was only in the show for 2 episodes to begin with, and this was the last part of the show. They could have maybe chosen a different part to end the show, but it’s not like this was that bad. And like always, a final inspiring speech at the end of the episode. I’ve seen that plenty of times by now, but it’s not a bad way to end it.

Rating: +

Great action and a good way to wrap the show up. Most issues were solved and it leaves a lot of room for a potential season 2. I’m in when that happens.

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