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Zettai Karen Children – Chapter 316

Scanlated by Imperial Scans

Kudos to the guys from Imperial Scans, I like the new website and reader.


Fujiko and Sakaki went to P.A.N.D.R.A.’s headquarter to speak with Magi about Yuuri. And Kaoru had fun harassing Yuuri.

About this chapter

You knew it was coming. But yeah, long live B.A.B.E.L.’s director for setting up all of this. But finally, we find out what happened between Minamoto and Kaoru: it was even more stupid than I had imagined. Seriously, those books. The best part is how Minamoto explained how Tim and Bullet hide their porn (poor guys) and didn’t seem to care. “I’ll leave the ones that she actually hid”. This was really hilarious. And that’s that, folks.

That part wasn’t clear to me yet, but apparently Minamoto has realized Kaoru’s feelings for him. Or at least he thinks that he does. It’s still really hard to picture teenage Kaoru reading something like that though. It just doesn’t fit her now. That blushing. And agreed with Minamoto, if she’s so ashamed, why doesn’t she just stop reading those books? And then… awkwardness arises when Minamoto asks that question. I don’t want to know the answer to that, either…

I don’t have a lot to say about the part with Kaoru and the other girls honestly. Seems like stuff is going to get better soon, because neither of them is that angry anymore. We’ll find out more next week though.

Rating: +

This was one of the funniest chapters in ages, no doubt. And that’s saying a lot from this manga. So good going, and I’m looking forward to next week like always.

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