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To the Kanya festival! Final words about Hyouka

I feel proud of having finished a 22-episode series. So now my impression of this title:

The good

  • Just to have said this: animation. This is probably among the best stuff you’ll see for the next few years in term of animation quality. Rich colors, great shading. There were some very memorable parts of this show in terms of animation (the movement of the camera in episode 1, the scene on the bridge in episode 21 et cetera).
  • No matter what the “but” is, this had the most interesting mysteries I’ve ever seen in anime. Well thought through, clever and unique. Hyouka did something else too: every mystery was different. It wasn’t about a detective solving them. How the classics club got involved with the different mysteries was different every time and that ensured that nothing became repetitive.
  • Character development. And Houtarou in general. Oreki Houtarou is a brilliant main character for a show like this. But especially in the third arc I loved all the troubles the different main characters faced. And gradually everyone did change, little by little. It wasn’t forced, but it was noticeable and that helped make this show really fun to follow.
  • It’s not that I’m principally against them, but it was nice to see how little they used anime culture and tropes in general in this show. No tsundere, loli character, perverted best friend, fanservice episode and all the other things that you’ll find in anime today. Now before people start raging, I love modern anime a lot and there’s nothing wrong with tropes as long as they’re used well, but it was just nice to see an anime without any of that at all. Except maybe for the first ending and a few scenes where they did make Chitanda extra moe, but that’s all I can think of.

The bad

  • This show is only as interesting as its stories are. And like I said in some reviews: the last few episodes really varied in quality. Especially how sometimes it became more slice of life than mystery. Hyouka is not meant for slice of life fun episodes, and fails to deliver with these. Romance isn’t a thing that I need in this show either.
  • No matter where in the story you are, there are always a few slow scenes where nothing is really happening. It may be because this show is so packed, but it annoyed me in Hyouka more than in most shows when there was nothing going on.

Final score: 8/10

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