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Hyouka – Episode 22

Subs by Mazui

It always feels strange to see a show go when you’ve followed it for its entire run. Man, it feels like yesterday that I saw episode 1 of this.

About this episode

What was I hoping for in the last episode of Hyouka? Not much I guess. Let’s face it, after the Kanya Festival this show kinda lost its red thread and we weren’t getting anywhere. So was I hoping for some kind of good conclusion? Or maybe just a good mystery? If I remember correctly, they animated all but the last book so the real conclusion wasn’t a realistic hope.

Japanese customs? I was getting a bad vibe from this after episode 20 and I guess I was right about that. They spent a lot of time on the Hina matsuri thing, and I’m not too much into this. It’d be fine if this would be combined with some amazing plot or development, but that wasn’t really the case.

I felt really sorry for Houtarou. It’s always a terrible feeling to be the odd one out. Everybody was working hard and he didn’t have much to do except wait. He didn’t know anybody either. And worst of all: it cost him energy. It must have even been worse to be the person who has to bring the bad news: the bridge isn’t available. Really must suck, especially how the other guy looked at him with that annoyed face.

I’ll never get used to that extreme Japanese politeness. With the two of them bowing down and all, for not much of anything. I don’t think that I’m rude, but I don’t think that I would be lying on the floor begging for forgiveness anytime soon.

Chitanda sounded really weird. Later we find out (which I also guessed) that she has to behave herself at occasions like this. But not talking too much and being calm from her, it’s weird.

Just so you know: when a good show makes its animation look terrible, that means it’s really good. If some low-budget anime would make those same blurred scenes, I think everybody would be pissed off lol. Somehow those blurred scenes irritated my eyes a bit every now and then. Needless to say, I didn’t like them a lot. I was happy once that was over. It wasn’t like it was a really important part either.

Maybe my favorite part of this episode was the short dialogue between Mayaka and Houtarou. They felt so different now. Remember how all they did was make rude remarks to each other in episode 2? It took Mayaka a while to thank Houtarou in one of the earlier episodes too. But look at them now: they had a talk like close friends do. I wonder when exactly stuff changed between the two of them, but  I was a bit disappointed that everything stayed the same between Mayaka and Satoshi though. But I was also just happy that they did keep some continuity around, since that was really lacking the past few weeks. Talking about continuity by the way, I enjoyed how Houtarou still doesn’t like Irisu. Serves her right for manipulating him lol.

That “mystery” sure wasn’t very interesting. Honestly, it almost hurts how they try to shove in the mystery element and fail at it. It’s almost like an apology that the newer episodes are lacking the mysteries…

That last part with Chitanda and Oreki walking back with the sky in the background was simply beautiful. Making anime for just the art is maybe a bit much, but sometimes it really does help so much. This episode had a few other gorgeous shots as well. A fitting end to a series like this.

And that was a proposal, right? Oreki kind of proposed to Chitanda I guess. Maybe not that far, but it did imply marriage in my ears. It was a bit cute. And then it ends like that, a really open end. I think that this fit the show, but I’m still wondering about Houtarou’s sister. I wish they would’ve explained her a bit more since she was so prominent behind the scenes. So more regret. That might have been in the last book though, so I understand that it might’ve not been possible. Perhaps they’re planning a sequel or something.

Rating: –

No matter how good the episode looked, the story was weak. I didn’t care for most of what happened this week honestly. I felt a bit cheated after those brilliant episodes. There was so much good stuff going on, and somehow that got lost in the process. I’m disappointed that a show that was my number one priority back in april ended so weakly. I guess this will always leave a bitter aftertaste to the word Hyouka now.

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