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Zettai Karen Children – Chapter 315

Scanlated by Imperial Scans

Meh, losing motivation for blogging these days. I guess I’ll finish this batch of shows and then wrap up this project.


Kaoru ran off after a fight with Minamoto and is currently staying at Yuuri’s.

About this chapter

It’s cute how she is still in love with Minamoto after that fight. I mean, that dream. Being a guy, it kinda creeps me out though. I don’t really approve of Minamoto x Kaoru, just because of the huge age difference. I don’t think that Minamoto can ever see Kaoru in a different way, no matter what happened with Feather. I’d be pretty annoyed if the two end up together actually.

“Marry me.” “I’d always be willing, if you’re OK with it.”


I seriously loved Kaoru’s face, especially how it was repeated. She needed time to let that sink in, and then decided to take the standard route. I had a lot of fun this chapter with all of Kaoru’s sexual harassment hobby being in there again. I’ve never liked this kind of ecchi humor before reading Zettai Karen Children and I think that this manga is the only real exception that rule. Here, in the context of Kaoru as “perverted old man”, it’s so hilarious somehow.

It’s also interesting how Yuuri apparently lost some more of Black Phantom’s control. She wanted to possess Kaoru? Now not anymore I guess. It was a bit weak how she had this change of heart though. Not the most impactful scene ever.

Minamoto confirms that it’s a silly fight though. That’s interesting because I thought (read my chapter 314 review) that it was something more important judging from a few things. But it’s not now. Still no clue as to what it is though, which also makes this story interesting. What is also interesting is how Sakaki and Fujiko are scheming behind everybody’s backs. Somehow the way that the information is known to various characters also turns this manga more interesting. Fujiko and Sakaki are often working behind the scenes because they know something the others don’t et cetera. And now they even have regular contact with P.A.N.D.R.A. about stuff like this. So Yuuri’s personalities are unifying. This might become a really important story after all now, so I’m curious what’s next.

Rating: +

The humor that I always love, but this chapter also made me curious about future events. Good going up till now.

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