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Accel World – Episode 22

Subs by UTW

Sword Art Online was so sweet this week.


Haruyuki and Blood Leopard went to investigate Seiji and found out that another player, Rust Jigsaw, doesn’t appear on the matching list.

About this episode

Wait, Haruyuki getting furious was due to the incarnate system? And the incarnate system is a double-edged sword? I understand why they hide it now, but that’s a bit weird too. It wasn’t presented like this at all when Sky Raker explained it, and you’d think that she would mention something crucial like this. And it’s also strange that imagination drives you insane. What was interesting however, is how this now explains the Chrome Disaster.

And then they face Rust Jigsaw. I really love this stage, with the skyscrapers and the lighting. Blood Leopard is also really cool in action. She can bite people and steal their special gauge or something? And she can transform! I also liked Rust Jigsaw’s abilities actually. I wouldn’t have minded if this fight were a bit longer actually, both of the characters had something interesting to them. Accompanied by that cool music, Blood Leopard defeats Rust Jigsaw by biting him to death. But that wasn’t all… The idea to find him based on the pain she inflicted on his shoulder was really great too. And it would have worked too, if it weren’t for those meddling maids.

I have to admit that they look really cool here.

Takumu is being positive now: maybe even Snow Black can’t defeat Seiji anymore. This is hard to imagine, because Snow Black has been portrayed as undefeatable up till now.

Only a coincidence of course, but this week the heroine strips in both of Reki Kawahara’s works. I don’t really get Chiyuri right now. I assume that she did this to tell Haruyuki that she isn’t gone, that the game isn’t everything. Chiyuri is in a hard place too: she really believes that this is only a game and nothing to be obsessed about, but she’s faced with tons of people who are taking this really seriously. I think that she also doesn’t know what to do now.

I thought Haruyuki sounding like a detective was a bit funny for some reason. Not that I’m not taking him serious, but he doesn’t seem the person to do this. He did figure it out though, and I liked his explanation. He was really awesome against Seiji too. I was wondering how he would “game over” Seiji with just this knowledge, but then I found out that he’d be expelled if this would be known. And for the first time Seiji really lost his calm. This was a good turn, and now we’re heading straight into a final battle. Seiji even proposes one: they fight staking all the points they have. This might be good for Seiji though: he has a lot fewer points than Haruyuki, so in a battle of endurance he would be at a huge disadvantage. I don’t trust him at all though. Like Taku, I think that he is scheming something and we’ll find out the details about that next week.

Rating: +

The tide is turned against Seiji. And not only that, but we also got a pretty cool battle against Rust Jigsaw. I’m satisfied for this week and next week is promising.

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