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Hyouka – Episode 19

Subs by Mazui

Moved out now. This is my first review in my houseboat =D

About this episode

I’ll keep it short this time. Why? This was a brilliant episode, but there’s not really a lot to write about. Really brilliant, how he deduced all those things from those two sentences. That’s what I liked about Hyouka initially, and it’s really unique for this anime: the way that it’s something you as a viewer could have thought up yourself. This time there wasn’t information kept from us that made us unable to solve the case, and it’s also something “normal”. Just an ordinary announcement. I did assume that the student(s) in question were in deep trouble, but I didn’t get a lot further myself. Not that the police was around and not that it was about counterfeit money. But it did make sense, and I couldn’t find a plot hole or a vague explanation. I think that this was one of the best episodes in this show. The problem with a story arc is that it always has a few moments that aren’t as good, but this was solid for all of the 20 minutes.

Of course another thing in this episode was the obvious Houtarou x Chitanda stuff going on. I guess opposites attract. I can’t really say that it’s my favorite pairing ever. I dunno, I don’t see Chitanda as anyone’s girlfriend. Still, nothing wrong with the blushing every now and then. I don’t think that they’ll get together in two episodes, but maybe in the novels they have. Somehow it’s a shame that almost every anime needs to have a bit of romance. I wouldn’t mind Hyouka as a pure mystery show with an interesting cast. The slice of life episodes were good, but I don’t want too much of that either.

Rating: +

Too short;didn’t read? But yeah, brilliant episode that showed us the strengths of this show perfectly.

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