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Uchuu Kyoudai – Episode 16

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What to do when you’re alone all day? Spend the night singing anime songs. That distracted me from my Accel World review, but it’s really fun every now and then, a real guilty pleasure… Mugendai tte koto kai? Asechau yo EXISTENZ!


I thought I’d already seen the new One Piece episode today. Double check, oh yeah, it is Uchuu Kyoudai after all. All that recap confused me. But not only the long recap was strange. This episode felt stretched. After the recap there was Mutta’s nervous behavior and later also the flashback. Those scenes with everybody walking around in the beginning of the flashback were more of that. The question is: why do they want to slow the pace so much? I hope that it’s only because they wanted that certain cliffhanger, and not because they’re running out of material to use or because they plan to make this a long running series. Like I said in the episode 15 review, this should not become a long running show.

Knowing what he does, Yasushi makes a few good points that make Mutta suspicious. If only he knew, was my thought. Naoto on the other hand has a brilliant poker face. He was so quiet that it was almost suspicious, but I guess you could say the same for Reiji. Speaking about Reiji, he does hardly anything for the show anymore. His lines are always a bare minimum and in last week’s episode he was pretty much nonexistent. This week he said one thing. It’s pretty funny how big a deal he makes about staying calm though. He was almost in shock when he realised that he was showing emotions too (that’s an emotion too, so that wouldn’t make his life any better).

I burst out laughing when Serika thought something that comes directly out of an episode of Accel World. And the Mutta said it out loud. One of the problems with Mutta’s version was that it didn’t sound as strong and confident as when Serika said it. But even so, Serika wouldn’t have gotten any better reception. Poor Mutta.

Gotta love Kenji’s dis. He really shut the guy up, exactly because he didn’t even reply to the accusation. Kenji stands above the other guy, no matter what he says.

I loved the mysterious music that suddenly played, the dark atmosphere and grim-looking Naoto. Like I said, he has a perfect poker face. My guess is that JAXA somehow instructed him to do this. Maybe give him some extra points or blackmail him. Same as how the nerdy-looking guy in team B set off the alarms. JAXA has to have a hand in this because exactly the same incidents happened in both team A and B. They really want to raise the tension. This is probably what Hoshika meant with “the green ones”.

It’s amazing how differently I take this advice now. It’s so painfully ironic suddenly.

The sound comes from under the floor? I assume that this means that the JAXA people introduced the alarms after all, because there’s no way somebody in the team could just open up the floor without the rest noticing. Tomii is only a decoy then.

The flashback was funny this time but really pointless. It had pretty much nothing to do with the story at all. Those sure were the days, back when Mutta actually knew what he was talking about.

I laughed at this comment. Also funny how the biologist is all like “Well a Skylark is a bird right?”

Bam. “I see a plot coming where the group eats too much food (especially Serika) and have to starve for half a week in the end or something like that. That would also justify all the Serika food stuff we’ve had to endure up till now.” is whatI wrote in my review for episode 12. That pretty much seems to have happened. The only difference is Serika eating a lot vs Serika serving a lot. Serika would fit in nicely when she’s in Houston, with all the huge American serving sizes.

And now comes the cliffhanger we weren’t waiting for: more of that annoying beeping. It’s not only them who hate it. But this pretty much confirms that JAXA is behind these pranks. We’ll find out how it affects group A next week.

Rating: +

A lot better than the last episode. The mystery becomes a bit more interesting, some random funny stuff and we’re also seeing an end to this arc soon (4 more days to go). Especially the part with Naoto and Mutta was good, like I said.

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