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Hyouka – Episode 16

Subs by Mazui

Just saw this on Reddit. The person who knows where it’s from deserves a cookie.


The classics club wants to figure out the Juumoji mystery to gain fame and advertise their anthology. Satoshi, Chitanda and Mayaka all feel down because of something that’s going on.

About this episode

Satoshi sure didn’t follow through with his “this is my kind of case” thing. He pretty much gave up the investigation after he failed to catch Juumoji. Let’s be fair though, it not really his fault because Juumoji suddenly skipped a letter.

I always found it an annoying habit to hide the eyes of certain characters, and especially how some anime go out of their way to hide them. It’s not as bad as some censoring, but especially The IDOLM@STER drove me nuts. Same thing with Houtarou’s sister. I don’t know why they do it. My best guess would be that they want to add a sense of mystery, but that wouldn’t explain The IDOLM@STER in my opinion. It does explain Houtarou’s sister though.

I couldn’t believe it when Houtarou’s sister suddenly brought A Corpse by Evening. This can only mean that she has some kind of connection to everything. I assume here that Juumoji is related to the people who did A Corpse by Evening. This may be a bit too obvious, but I’d say that the next manga by those people will contain the Juumoji incident as its story and that all these thefts are the same as in the manga. This way the real incidents will be an advertisement for the manga. The people will sell it at the end of the cultural festival, saying something like “Do you want to know how to figure it out? Read our manga!” Assuming that this is true for now, the reason that Houtarou’s sister gave him the manga is so he can figure it out too and this means that she knows what is going on. So whatever Houtarou will do will also happen in the manga. I don’t think that anyone ever specified when Houtarou’s sister graduated. I assume that it was a few years ago though, and that she didn’t participate directly in the A Corpse by Evening manga. She may have known the people who worked on it though. Actually I first wanted to check if they called the Kudryavka’s Order a manga or not. I thought that maybe the said something like “The title of our next work is Kudryavka’s Order” instead of “The title of our next manga“. But it turned out that they really specified that Kudryavka’s Order is a manga after all. Otherwise the conclusion might have been “This incident was Kudryavka’s Order”.

It made me smile that Houtarou and Mayaka have a similar taste in manga, or at least that they both think that A Corpse by Evening is amazing.

I wonder what the purpose was of the Chitanda subplot. It identified the student council president as the artist of the manga, but otherwise it didn’t really serve any meaning. At least, I wouldn’t count the part that Mayaka figured out that they had the manga because that would’ve also happened without the subplot. Since everything in Hyouka happens for a reason, the student council president must have an active role in the next episodes and in the conclusion of the Juumoji incident.

I still don’t get why Houtarou couldn’t tell Chitanda anything about Juumoji. It would save him a lot of trouble, wouldn’t it? He says that she would want to do something totally different than he would, but Houtarou is also solving the mystery.

All these parts with Satoshi really make me feel sorry for him. You just see how much he envies Houtarou’s talents. He tried to solve the incident: nothing came out of it, Juumoji screwed him over. But Houtarou can figure it out, like we all know. He smiles when he’s around others, but deep inside he feels sad about it.

Now I don’t have a lot else to add to the solution. The only thing I can think of is that the Kudryavka’s Order is the ku they need, but this may be a little far-fetched.

Except for them in the cooking competition.

Well, what could we expect of Chitanda in the broadcast? I’m curious what she’ll have to say during her guest appearance (except for hitting the microphone because she bows in the broadcast) next week.

By the way, just something I was wondering about. The two other long story arcs have 4 episodes each. This is episode 5 of the Kanya festival arc. But this is also the second episode of them solving the Juumoji incident. So I assume that we’ll have 2 more episodes in this story. I don’t think they’ll wrap it up by next week, but that’s just a guess on my side. It’s mostly because there’s always something extra that they forget the first time they “solve” the mystery. I don’t mind, it’s getting more and more fun.

Rating: +

Hyouka’s arcs always seem to build up more and more and that way become more interesting until the awesome finale. So I really enjoyed this episode, but this formula promises that the next one or two episodes will be really glorious. I can’t wait to find out more, because this is building up to become really amazing once we figure it out.

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