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Accel World – Episode 17

Subs by UTW

Sword Art Online is awesome by the way, I can’t believe that they’re written by the same guy.


Sky Raker taught Haruyuki how to use imagination in the accelerated world and gave him an item, Gale Thruster, too. Will he be able to fly again now?

About this episode

Just look how a bit of positive attitude can make such a difference. Haruyuki just walked into the classroom without feeling terrible unlike yesterday. That sure paid off. It’s not until then that he realises that all his shit hasn’t gone away yet. Even I almost forgot that after last week.

Haruyuki learnt his lesson.

Of course Haruyuki has no choice but to say nothing about Seiji to Snow Black. This time it actually makes sense: she should enjoy her trip to Okinawa after all.

Taku is actually really awesome this time. First of all, he knew exactly how to get around Seiji’s hacks in the system. But the best part was how he understood that Haruyuki didn’t really mean him any harm and supported him without questioning anything. Even after everything Haruyuki said last episode. I bet I’d still be mad at him regardless of the situation. He even figured out what had happened from Ash Roller. I’m really happy that they didn’t add any unnecessary drama this time and started the action. Because we were waiting for it. And this episode delivers.

I wonder how exactly Seiji’s power works. You’d think that it would be easy for him to defeat any opponent by just stealing their special moves and rendering them useless. So for some reason he couldn’t just do this with Takumu. Is it because the wings were considered an item instead of a special move? That would make sense, but I didn’t expect that. This would mean that Haruyuki could give his wings to anyone he wanted to, even those without the desire to fly. And I don’t think it works like that either. I actually thought that he stole Taku’s Lightning Cyan Spike, but later he had it again so Seiji just blocked off the attack.

I actually thought that there would be a new group in the Accelerated World that Seiji was part of. He talked about “we/us” two times, and later talked about players from the old generation (but I can’t find that scene right now). They’d need another big leader to teach Seiji about the incarnate system too. This might be false because the we stuff might refer to only him and Chiyuri. It’s also interesting that the incarnate system seems to be a kind of secret among the most powerful players. This again confirms the bond between Snow Black and Sky Raker, because I assume that Sky Raker learnt about it from Snow Black.

Haruyuki surprised me. He actually tricked Seiji into fighting him. If you think about it, it’s pretty low. First of all Haruyuki said that he would just give away points, and second it’s now two vs one. It looks like the ends justify the means. One thing I feared was that Takumu would say something like “I can’t let you give away points to Seiji” and refuse to click yes. It really looked that way and that would’ve been pretty lame. I was incredibly happy when this didn’t happen. After all, now we got the part that I was really looking forward to: Haruyuki’s rematch.

And it was beautiful. Haruyuki totally redeemed himself. First with the incarnate system, then he started flying again with Sky Raker’s jetpack. I wonder how this works. After all, it looks like it should just fly whenever you want it to. Probably it only works for those with the will and everything though. We know that Sky Raker couldn’t use it well enough, she could only jump really high.

Like I said before, Seiji is a perfect opponent. He’s strong but not overly powerful. It wasn’t like with Chrome Disaster where it was a miracle that Haruyuki beat him. I’d guess that Seiji is level 6-7 or something and he has everything under control. He has some darn good moves and items, knows the incarnate system and everything. But he isn’t godtier either. A balanced enemy.

And then he went down. Like I said, it isn’t as much “power as friendship” as it is ganging up on someone, but they make it look OK because they’re the good guys. So I’ll forgive them.

And there it is. The big cliffhanger and mystery. Why does Chiyuri support Seiji in this fight? My guess is the following: Chiyuri thought that she could bring them back together by playing the game too. She noticed that it didn’t work that way. Her conclusion was that there was only one way to get back to normal: stopping the two of them from playing. She made an arrangement with Seiji that he’d get rid of them and then she’ll commit suicide or something. Perfect ending for her, the accelerated world is now gone from her life. She might also just have been blackmailed, but considering the condition that Seiji was in I don’t think that that would’ve worked out. We’ll find out next week I guess…

Rating: +

Defeat, training and victory. It’s a well-known and overused pattern, but it worked really well here. It felt so good when they defeated Seiji this time. The action looked nice and I was happy that they didn’t spend too much time talking. Still a bit, but you can’t help that. We also got an amazing cliffhanger. Conclusion: this episode was really good!

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