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Binbougami ga! – Episode 5

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About this episode

Momiji and this guy have a top-secret talk about some item he got her. Turns out that the guy is a turtle. Turns out that they’re sitting in the school’s lunch room and everybody is looking at them.

It’s hilarious how both of them don’t care at all.

Another lol: a package from “God”. I’d love to get one of those. Apparently Ichiko does too: she went ahead and opened it. I could’ve told her that that was a trap. I already knew from last week’s preview that she would become a little girl so when Momiji talked about turning her into an old woman I looked up. Turned out that the turtle guy made a mistake and she did become a little girl.  The weird thing is that Momiji is going to torture her and tease her instead of doing what she should: steal Ichiko’s fortune. You know what happens with bad guys who don’t kill the protagonist but drop him into the dungeon instead. Yeah, they lose. Momiji verifies this once again. The sooner you get rid of Ichiko, the sooner you get to go home and watch tv again. Also, it would’ve been funny if the conclusion was “she still has bigger breasts”.

Ichiko must be related to Team Rocket. No matter how obvious the disguise/change, nobody can recognise them. Same with little Ichiko. She’s wearing the same shirt, has the same face and hairstyle. All that happened was that she became shorter and flatter. An obvious name like Michiko doesn’t arouse any suspicion. Even (like she pointed out) a dog can’t figure it out.

Remember how I said that I’d like to see more of Keita and his family? It seems like they listened to my wish and we did get more of them. I was happy that Ichiko learned her lesson and wasn’t a total bitch in front of Keita anymore. They’re a really nice family letting all these people they don’t know (read: Ichiko) come over.

Another good thing: Momou is a recurring character. He’s really funny with his masochism. “Oh no, he’s using a puppy as a shield” indeed. Oh, and never say “I’ll do anything for you” to those two. It’ll get creepy real fast.

I had a bit of fun with Ichiko trying to explain that they don’t need to contact anyone. It would’ve been easier to just fake a phone call or something. But really, “my parents abuse me” isn’t what you should say in this situation lol.

I wonder why Momiji is sleeping under a bridge when she can chill in Ichiko’s appartment.

Another thing: Keita does dream about money now. He sounded really cool telling Ichiko off last time, but what about now? What if he discovers who she really is. Will he still accept money from her? I guess not huh. I also had some fun with the oldest sister – I forget her name – still hating Ichiko. So would I though.

Ichiko sure has her issues though. It’s funny how she acts her role perfectly: she really behaves like a kid running away like that. And now it’s too late for her: Momiji (who seems unusually evil this time) caught her. And Keita, being a good guy, went to look for her. Somehow the episode took a really serious turn suddenly. Knowing this show, the cliffhanger will probably end pretty lame though.

I loved the Nadeshiko ga thing at the end, how honestly she told us that she didn’t have any role in the story and only steals away our time. It’s so true lol, she’s a waste of time. Notice how they always recycle the same few animations on her by the way? I guess it saves the animators a bunch of effort at the end of the episode.

Rating: –

I dunno, it felt like the kid thing wasn’t used as well as it could have. Just in general I didn’t like this episode as much. I like Keita and his family, but they didn’t bring anything interesting or new into the story this time. Might be me, but the episode was a bit less funny than the other ones were too. But what do I know. I hope that the conclusion will be better next week.

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