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Uchuu Kyoudai – Episode 15

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I’m not reviewing it, but Kokoro Connect is an amazing show. If you like character development, non-ecchi comedy and a bit of drama, you should watch it asap.


Yasushi stepped on Naoto’s glasses. This is affecting Naoto’s performance. In the end Yasushi secretly begs the JAXA staff to get new glasses for Naoto.

About this episode

The Naoto glasses thing is resolved rather quickly in this episode. It felt a bit silly how they made it a multi-episode plot seeing how little time they needed to finish it. I bet they could have cut a bit of flashback in the episode before this to deliver Naoto his glasses. Same happy ever after ending.

It’s weird how they took four episodes to come back on Mutta’s little lie. The funny thing was that they were like “Oh, he did it right”. I’d think that they didn’t want false pride and lying to your teammates. Then again, they really knew that the clock was visible. It might be Hoshika favoring Mutta again though, but this positively influenced his score.

Lol at the doctor’s face. I dunno what the parabola thing means, I assume something like disappointment. I like how personal this doctor gets with his astronauts though, he really seems to enjoy his work.

We’ve also seen team B in action a few times now. But this with the alarm clock is the weirdest thing. I assumed that it was JAXA trolling them, but I thought the same thing about the broken clock. That didn’t turn out to be true either, so probably this really is someone else. I’m 100% sure it isn’t Kenji though: he’s not that kind of person. I get that the other guy hates him for being a good candidate, but suspecting him with all these mind games is a bit much. It’s pretty creative how he thought all that up. He could write some interesting stuff.

Lol with Serika doing the handstand too. And now the second mystery starts: the missing/broken clock. It’s funny how Mutta wants to “solve” this: “In space it wouldn’t matter anyways. Leave mysteries to the detectives.” So if you were hoping for that, you’d be better off watching Hyouka (and reading my reviews on that). Of course, he also did this to protect… Naoto. I have no clue why he broke the clock and stuff like that. He didn’t seem the person for that. He’s also not a JAXA mole or anything. At least, not if we’re to believe his dramatic flashback.

I can’t help but wonder what the deal was with that puzzle. It’s really frustrating and pointless. Maybe it’s because they want to make everyone tense and have some fights? You never know with those JAXA people.

This arc is really dragging on though. All the tasks are somewhat boring to watch. I hope that this stops soon and that we get a new storyline. Also, it’s strange that we haven’t heard the final number of episodes yet. It’s not that I don’t like the show, but I don’t think it should go on for more than 24 episodes. It’ll become uninteresting in no time. I can’t imagine this going on for a year, especially not since the manga hasn’t finished so we won’t get a real end regardless of what happens.

Rating: –

Let’s be honest, it’s going nowhere and I’m not too interested in this third exam anymore. I just hope it’ll end soon.

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