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Koi to Senkyo to Chocolate – Episode 4

Subs by Pomf

I’ve gotten a lot of hits on “Pomf”, people who want to know who the heck that group is I guess. So as far as I know, Pomf is two groups, Rori and FFF, who together sub KSC. Their releases are on Rori’s site. The name is (as far as I understood) a reference to some weird meme based on a hentai doujinshi. If you want info on the meme, see this link.


The current president decided that it was in his advantage to have Yuuki as the next president, and now he’s supporting the food club.

About this episode

For the most part this episode is about funding the campaign. It’s interesting how the campaigning is an important point in this anime, it makes it stand out from many other romance/drama/harem series in this way.

That’s… a lot of candidates

Since she wasn’t in episode 3 if I remember correctly, this episode has a bunch of Isara in it and I think that it’s also the beginning of her storyline. We already know that she has a pretty demanding life and that she receives financial aid. Somehow I already pitied her. She might not want me to, but that’s how she is introduced. Now there’s a new reason for pity: she’s a frequent bully victim. Especially the part at the end was horrible. I’ve got plenty of experience with bullies to know all about this. If you’re a weak link, they can get status out of picking on you. It’s pretty sad, really, but that’s what’s going on here too. After all, the thing they tease her for is something that she can’t do anything about. One thing I wonder about is why Isara cares so much for a piece of underwear. Please, don’t let that be the memento of your mother or something like that. I think that we’ll find out more about this next week, given the cliffhanger where Isara just bursts out in tears. She’s not as strong as she tries to look after all. Another note on Isara: XA wants to reform the financial aid system. I don’t exactly understand what the difference between financial aid and a scholarship is, so it might be that she’s on Isara’s side or absolutely not. Yuuki might also support the financial aid students in his campaign later on?

I don’t really have a lot to say about the fundraising stuff to be honest. I enjoyed it how they went over different options, did some calculations et cetera. It wasn’t like there was an answer immediately, but they did figure something out which is good. The epicness of the Oojima rolls was already foreshadowed in episode 2 by the way. Nozomi’s high-pitched voice gets on my nerves though if she talks too much, like with the Oojima roll story. Worst part was that I listened through that and she said pretty much nothing meaningful.

About the air sumo club: well, good that they are allowed to exist. They don’t seem very meaningful to me. With clubs like these I totally support Satsuki’s war on club budgets. They even assalted Satsuki. Oh and by the way, you should have probably died reading the previous sentence since it contains the world’s funniest joke.

It’s funny how Satsuki used the same analogy as I did in my episode 3 review: the school is comparable to a government. I doubt that so much authority for the students is a good thing, but that’s another issue. But I’m also getting interested in Satsuki more and more now. She has a past that’s just itching to be revealed. Very dramatic, preferably. And another thing is that I’m not sure if I’m supposed to like or hate her actions. I’m more of a serious guy when it comes down to important issues like the school budget, so I have to agree that certain clubs shouldn’t receive as much funding. I’m interested in how she stands towards the financial aid system. She might become my favorite character on the show depending on what she does.

A random thought by the way: Mifuyu has had hardly any screen time or introduction, even though she’s always among the five main girls. I wonder when we’re getting some more about her. Since she’s done hardly anything I have no idea if I like her or not, but I at least want to know some more about her.

Rating: +

Another strong episode. The campaigning is going well and stays interesting. I hope that they won’t drag the campaign out and have meetings on every trivial matter, but only time will tell that. Isara’s story seems the first one to be explored and I’m really curious about it. Time for her to shine.

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