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Binbougami ga! – Episode 4

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Do you know? The speed at which I type these reviews… 5 centimeters per second.

About this episode

Momiji fishing for a gadget of misfortune. I guess Ichiko tossed one out again. Not that it matters, since that part is ignored for the rest of the episode. And now he comes, the best thing of this episode: Momou.

Thank god that Momiji didn’t become a stripper. But back to Momou. I think he’s the first masochist character I’ve ever seen in the anime world. Somehow it just works perfect: a masochist dog. And not only that, but a character that loves pain fits right into a setting like this. This is an anime where tons of people get comically beaten up after all. Especially the “Momiji, for you I’ll blah blah blah” “That’s just what you want” cracked me up. I wonder why didn’t anyone think of this before because it’s brilliant.

Princess Mononoke. If you didn’t know this, go watch the movie now. Or maybe twice while you’re at it.

Brilliant thing #2: Momou is about as cute as you can get, and it cracks me up every time he has an evil glare or something. But even without evil glare he somehow looks funny. I don’t know why, but I just like his design as dog. Maybe because he’s small. I dunno.

So there’s cute dog Momou and Ichiko. I expected an anticlimax after seeing her enchanted by the cute dog. I was expecting worse though, that she’d kick the puppy or something. She only walked away.

Now it’s Momou who has to attack Ichiko instead of Momiji. Same stuff happens though: her fortune makes her pretty much immune to all the attacks. But with Momou it’s funnier because he enjoys the comical pain.

I enjoyed the sheer randomness of this.

One problem that Binbougami ga! has is that Ichiko is only likeable in a few cases. One of them is obviously with anything related to Suwano. It felt like they got rid of him in episode 1, but they need to keep him in the plot somehow just to make Ichiko seem nice. And besides, we’ve had two episodes in a row where Ichiko’s (rare) nice side comes out. Not that there’s something wrong with a nice Ichiko (I like her like that), but it’s supposed to be rare and not common like it’s turning out to be. It’s obvious that Ichiko needs to develop somehow so we see this nice side more often without the push. Or not, but I think that a unlikeable protagonist won’t keep the show interesting in the long term. Oh, and I don’t mean unlikable as that I don’t like Ichiko, because I enjoy her when she’s being mean and everything too. Still, I like it how she took all the effort to find Suwano’s letters in that huge heap of trash. I wouldn’t have, that’s for sure.

So in the end Momou is nice and finds Ichiko’s letters again. Happy ever after. And now comes a part that annoyed me, the bath scene. Not that it was so bad (it was really funny), but I hated the censorship. Those bubbles just annoyed me to no end for some reason (how they were so strategically placed on certain spots. At least use a towel or something, that’s somewhat believable. The other parts were really funny though: Ichiko pulling up the bathtub (wtf), Momou enjoying it and Ichiko’s “you’re just a pervert!”, then the priest rushing in with a video camera (“Inexcusable, where is this pervert?!”). I enjoy all those chaotic and comic scenes if they’re not used too much in this anime.

Oh by the way, I love next week’s episode’s title.

Rating: +

Momou is awesome, there was plenty of funny stuff again this week. I enjoy a bit of seriousness too, maybe next time not related to Suwano. Still, I can’t complain if this is the quality I’m getting for the other 10 episodes.

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