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Binbougami ga! – Episode 2

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I-it’s not like I wrote this review for you or anything, you idiot! …but don’t you dare not reading any of the things I wrote!


A goddess of misfortune, Momiji, has to take away some fortune of Ichiko’s, who is a super lucky girl. She hasn’t succeeded yet.

About this episode

“You look gorgeous as ever.” “I know.” Gotta love Ichiko getting away with her enormous ego.

Japanese schools must have a hard time with all those transfers that go on all the time. So Momiji too transfers into Ichiko’s class. The big question is: why?

Too much information.

Everything that Momiji does is to annoy Ichiko. I loved the one with the piece of paper. It’s like Momiji knew that she’d create a great anticlimax that way. But still, she has yet to seriously attempt anything that actually has anything to do with her goal. Maybe killing Ichiko would be good enough? But even for that there are more efficient ways to handle this than with a 1 ton chalkboard eraser (lol at that too by the way) in plain sight. If Momiji wanted to kill Ichiko, she wouldn’t do all of this. Maybe she’s trying to create misfortune for Ichiko and thus that will get rid of some of Ichiko’s fortune? I’m really not sure if it works that way though. It’s getting kind of random and nonsensical already, and this is episode 2. Like I said, I’m not into too much weirdness. I’m not saying that it isn’t funny – there were some pretty funny parts – but shoving one gag after another (with a random reference in between) down my throat is a little much.

I’m curious if that priest guy will be a recurring character or not. I don’t remember seeing him in the opening (but I may be wrong about that), so he may only appear in this episode. I wouldn’t mind never seeing him again actually. He’s a bit too crazy the way he assaults Ichiko and all. Still, I have to give him credit for making something happen in this episode. Even though he’s a pedophilic fraud. So now Ichiko is going to exorcise Momiji which is pretty cool. I don’t know much about Japanese religion, but I doubt that it’ll be effective against a god.


This almost made me feel sorry for Ichiko. Almost.

Using her fortune, Ichiko summons a bunch of… I dunno, spirits? They’re able to attack Momiji even in her ghost form though, and this actually works pretty well. And the comes Momiji’s summon. I sure didn’t see that coming. All of them are lazy and just hang out and watch tv. In the end, Ichiko beats up Momiji and temporarily gets rid of her. But it’s not like Momiji can be exorcised so this doesn’t really solve anything in retrospect.

Momiji just walks back inside, lol.

Rating: –

Like I said, this was tossing a bunch of gags and references into my face. But this episode didn’t make a lot of sense and nothing really happened. I hope that next episode will be a bit more interesting.

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