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Hyouka – Episode 11

Subs by Mazui


Houtarou thought that he had solved the mystery and the movie is finished now. Mayaka points out a flaw in his theory however.

About this episode

After Mayaka, Satoshi and Chitanda also say that they don’t think that this ending is the one that Hongou wanted. Satoshi actually makes a great point, the narrative thing is kind of shaky in a mystery story since you can’t really predict it. And the funny thing is that my criticisms about episode 8 were points that Chitanda pointed out as “wrong”. I guess I have to admit it, Hyouka has good writing after all and I’m a fool to doubt it. I should have known that fishy and vague things were intentional. And all this is annoying Houtarou more and more. But who is he annoyed at? The others for calling his idea “not right”, or himself for making a mistake? It’s interesting how something you don’t care about in the beginning grows to you. Houtarou’s first reaction to solving the mystery was the obvious “too much work”, but now he wants to nail it. He needs to.

Let me be honest here: I have no clue what exactly the tarot thing exactly meant. Let’s see… Satoshi’s hint was that Houtarou is being controlled by other people, and in this case Irisu. Houtarou figured this out because the traits of the Strength don’t match Houtarou’s personality, so there has to be a different link. So he figures out that Irisu made him write the end instead of figuring it out. The question is, how did Satoshi know this? I thought that a database didn’t draw conclusions. I guess this is it though?

The scene in the café was good and bad in one go. First of all, I wasn’t able to exactly follow Houtarou’s train of thought and his reason for being angry. With the last one it helped to just write every step here since that helps me organize all the facts. So I’ll do that in a sec. The second thing though is that Houtarou looked amazing in this part. I didn’t expect him to look so cool when he’s angry. It’s the way his hair is in front of his eyes when he gives this intense glare. Another amazing thing was how the music grew intenser with the minute. Animation, music, everything was done to prepare for Houtarou’s rare outburst.

One does not piss off Oreki Houtarou.

So Houtarou was flattered last time when Irisu said that he was talented. He really felt special. Now he finds out that he didn’t solve a mystery but merely wrote the ending, unlike what Irisu said. Irisu just wanted the script written. What she did to convince Houtarou however, was make him feel pressured to write the ending because he would otherwise “hurt the less talented people”. Yeah, there’s a kind of logical flaw there but that’s what made Houtarou work.

It’s a bit of a bad habit to add information that was unknown to us viewers now though, because this way we weren’t able to understand anything about Hongou. The poll and the notes about Shakespeare weren’t mentioned up till now. But the conclusion is obvious: Hongou had to write a mystery but didn’t want anybody to die. She quit halfway when she found out that the class had misinterpreted her script and killed Kaito.

“That makes me feel better”, huh?

I hate these chat conversations because they’re a pain in the neck to follow with subs. In Durarara they at least also spoke the chat lines and that made it a lot less annoying, but the subs are hard to read here. Might be more criticism to the subbers than to the creators though. I wouldn’t really mind if they’d replace all the japanese characters with English translations either, actually.

So I was right about the person from outside school: it’s probably Houtarou’s sister. I won’t call it yet because this isn’t confirmed, but she’s her senpai and “on the other side of the world”, she controls Houtarou and has a grip on events that are happening around here. So there’s a bit of secrecy that we get to know. I agree with Irisu though, the original script was pretty boring. Houtarou’s conclusion was a lot better. I assume now that Hongou’s absence was a lie and everyone except the classics club knew that she was hanging around too.

It’s only now that I understand the text at the end of every episode in this art (“Why didn’t she ask EBA?”). I guess this is the name of the original book or something. It’s partially fault though, because I forgot why Eba was, but this actually hinted already that there was something fishy about the situation the classics club was placed in. Well played.

Rating: +

This conclusion was able to totally satisfy me. My criticism to the original situation, gone. A nice twist: the mystery wasn’t actually a mystery in the first place. We also got an angry Houtarou which is a first. So well done, Hyouka. You’re worthy of my respect.

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