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Kimi no Iru Machi – Episode 2

Subs by Rori

Yeah, I still owed you guys this one. Thank god that Medaka has finished, that gives me an extra day to catch up on reviews.


Kirishima Haruto has a long distance relationship with Eba Yuzuki. He went to meet her in Tokyo where she lives but couldn’t see her. Later he holds his friend (and previous love interest) Kanzaki’s hand because he pretends to be her boyfriend. Right then, Yuzuki sees them and runs off.

About this episode

My thought during the entire episode: this story needs a real series. I’m not kidding, there was way too much stuff going on to follow if you don’t know the manga.

Like in the original, Yuzuki is always a somewhat mysterious character. Her thoughts are never totally shared, she’s always got something up her sleeve. Same thing here: we know that Yuzuki is sad, but what she exactly did between her two appearances and what she exactly thought is up to our interpretation. This is also what makes her the most interesting character in the series.

By the way, I didn’t expect to see the naked scenes in the anime too. For non-manga readers: KNIM does that every now and then, giving us some random service while the girls discuss stuff. I guess it’s OK because this is an OVA or something?

Haruto’s friends always have his back and this is no exception. They make sure he can sneak out to meet Yuzuki. After them comes a less pleasant person: Yuzuki’s sister Rin. I’ve always hated her in the manga and this is no exception. First she makes these mean comments about Yuzuki and her relationship, and then she screws with Haruto again. She won’t even help out Haruto or anything.

Camera angles messing with us.

Kinda glad that she’s out of the picture now. So to clarify the following flashback: Yuzuki “fled” to Hiroshima partly to meet Haruto again and partly to escape from her family situation. She couldn’t get along with her new siblings. In the end she made up with Rin and went back to Tokyo again to live with her family. And that’s where we are now. That last part wasn’t filled in in the anime and left a blank hole somewhere. Still, they could have omitted that story entirely and nobody would have been mad. I didn’t expect this second episode to be 50% flashback as well actually. I thought we knew most of the stuff that had happened by now, but I couldn’t have been more wrong. You don’t notice it when you read the manga, but in all those chapters a ton happened and you only really notice how interesting the plot is when you see it squeezed into forty minutes.

Luckily Haruto and Yuzuki find each other in the end. The phone thing is pretty stupid actually. I always take my wallet and phone with me wherever I go, no exceptions. If you fit it into your routine, you’ll never forget your phone. And that’s coming from a chaotic person like myself.

Gotta love those eyes on Yuzuki, how surprised they look.

Somehow this all ended well. Yuzuki forgives Haruto and everything. Good for him.

I like the practical thinking. Yuzuki is an awesome girlfriend in this way.

And here comes another flashback. It’s about how Yuzuki met Haruto. This actually felt a bit out-of-place here because it doesn’t lead to a conclusion. Obviously the implication is “and that’s why I came back to Hiroshima” or “and I liked you since then” but it doesn’t feel right at this moment. It doesn’t fit into the scene or explain anything like the other flashbacks did. Up till now they did a good job with them, but this one was a bit weak compared to the other ones in this and the last episode.

I’m actually kind of curious what Yuzuki gave Haruto. I don’t remember it from the manga anymore. Anyways, we get some serial kissing which I actually liked. Yeah, it’s mushy and stuff but it’s that age and they’re still new to everything so it’s kind of cute in that way. Haruto even ends it in this terribly cheesy way. “Our relationship transcends time and distance.” I understand that it’s exactly how he feels and everything, but that is something he should say to Yuzuki and not to us viewers lol.

So that’s that. The story for now, at least. I’m waiting for a real series now.

Rating: /

Great moments and weaker moments. This episode was definitely worse than episode 1, but it closed the story well and didn’t stray or anything.

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