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Sankarea – Episode 11

Subs by Commie


Pedo dad kidnapped Chihiro and showed him his collection of Rea-pictures.

About this episode

Remember how Danichiro wanted to “take away Chihiro’s manliness”? I was wondering if this was going to happen or not in this episode. Turned out that it didn’t happen – or at least not in the way I interpreted that.

The maids here are awesome.

If we can believe Aria’s story, all the maids must have gone nuts in the Sanka family through the constant rejection. I feel somewhat sorry for them in this way. Still, it gives us the awesome moments and comments that we see throughout these episodes. Same thing when the two maids capture Rea. With the things they’re saying, I thought that they would assault her or something. All they did was dress her up, but this was still incredibly creepy. Like they finally got a chance to break free of something, and they jumped at the opportunity. I’m not sure what that “something” is though.

This was… weird.

I didn’t notice this part before my review, but the way he said this was very strange. As if he knows more than we think. Or maybe he’s just an incredibly naïve taxi driver, but I somehow doubt that.

Danichiro decides that he will fight Chihiro. Yeah, that’s fair and all. But Chihiro dissing Danichiro was one of the best moments of the episode. He said the things that nobody else ever dared to say, including Rea. “You’re sick. Taking naked pictures of your daughter is wrong.” etc. Danichiro sure wasn’t amused though, and he murders Chihiro for saying this stuff. Or not. Just when Rea breaks free (long live her superhuman strength) and comes running in, Chihiro dies. Or not.

Everyone his interests, I guess. I’ll skip this movie.

The funny thing was, I thought the word “half-zombie” before it was said for a while when Chihiro explained why he was still alive.  I’m not sure if I find this an easy way out or a well thought out plot point. The thing is, he didn’t stay a zombie but was immortal temporarily. I’m not exactly sure how long ago Rea licked Chihiro’s wound. My guess would be that it was about a week ago, but who knows. So this small amount of poison would have to be in him for a week and then suddenly disappear once he’s treated. Could Rea theoretically do this every time Chihiro is in danger? Because that would sure be an easy way out of a lot of things. Then again, giving Rea superhuman strength is also a good way to make a lot of things easier for the writer and these kind of things are not the focus of the story.

Ah well, this ended easily enough. They were able to somehow convince Danichiro that what he wanted was not the best for Rea. She’s now staying with Chihiro for a while. I hope that he’s out of the picture for the rest of the show now, and doesn’t pop up with a cure within two episodes. Still, it’s an interesting point eventually if Danichiro does find a cure for Rea.

I couldn’t find exactly where Danichiro said this, but somewhere he mentions that there is only one bloodline suitable for Rea. That’s probably the creepiest thing he ever said. I mean, it obviously implies that he should be the father or Rea’s children or something.

Everything ends well. Chihiro is being treated by the Sanka family maids, he isn’t a zombie anymore (that would have been pretty weird to be honest), Rea is now a nurse zombie that Chihiro has always dreamed of and Ranko rubs her breasts onto Chihiro again.

I was looking forward to a real meeting between Rea and Ranko actually. There are those misconceptions on Ranko’s side, and Rea seems to be somewhat bothered by Ranko when she hangs out with Chihiro too. I hope they’ll be on good terms though. Anyways I lold at the fiancé part. With the flashback added it was even funnier (“just agree, don’t ask questions”). Rea notices quite quickly that Ranko likes Chihiro – women are better at this stuff I guess – and I wonder what’s going to come out of that.

The preview looks awesome by the way. Lots of Rea this time, and this makes me look forward to next week.

Rating: +

This story arc was finished in a typical Sankarea style with its weird mix of humor, seriousness and horror. Good enough for me. Besides, I loved it that Chihiro dissed Danichiro the way he did. That was about time too.

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