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Anime episode reviews.

To the sandbox! Final words about Medaka Box

Medaka Box ended. So here’s some final words about this show:

The good

  • They did a good job on the superhuman and over the top characters and exaggerated scenes. This comes from someone who normally doesn’t like over the top anime (think FLCL and TTGL).
  • The main cast was pretty good.
  • Had a few cool BGMs, especially for the action scenes.

The bad

  • Did not live up to the expectations that the first episode gave me.
  • This anime felt kind of low-budget in a lot of fields, especially the animation.
  • Opening and ending were pretty meh.
  • Most episodes weren’t very original ideas or not executed in a great way.
  • Sometimes over the top in a bad or annoying way.
  • Some episodes (especially in the second half) were completely ruined by the huge amount of dialogue.

Final score: 5/10

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