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Medaka Box – Episode 12

Simulcasted by Crunchyroll


Medaka defeated Unzen, but was stopped by the other student council members before she killed him.

About this episode

There we are, at the final episode. Since the climax was in episode 11, we’re left with a lighter episode this time. This episode focuses on the other three student council members instead of Medaka, which is pretty cool actually. I was looking forward to more Mogana, and Akune was actually pretty awesome in this episode too.  But even for a light breather episode, this really dragged. I could swear that it was almost finished when we were half-way into it.

Mogana got a panic fit for some reason.

Pretty much everything in the first half dragged horribly. Even though the metaphors with Medaka and the seeds of trouble weren’t particularly bad, it just felt like they were going on about this subject for too long. When I checked, it wasn’t even that long. That’s the weird thing.

It won’t fall off. Don’t be so silly.

For some reason, this girl with her head annoyed me to no end the way she held her head all the time (and went nuts when she couldn’t). It’s not even something that was focused on that much, more like a background detail, but it drove me nuts. “Cut it out! Don’t be so weird!” were very common thoughts this episode.

Mogana is actually a funny character now that we find out more about her. From her look with glasses and pony tail, and her role as treasurer I assumed that she would be this serious, competent type. A bit like Daisy in SKET Dance, since they also look a lot alike. Nothing is less true: Mogana is incredibly awkward and experiences tons of random mood swings. We got that brilliant awkward episode with Zenkichi and Mogana and now as well. I especially appreciated the part where Zenkichi and Akune said these cool things and she tried to do so too, just making herself look silly in the process.

More talk about Medaka. This episode tried to explain too much and this makes it feel very unnatural. I think that it should be obvious from the events or actions of the characters that one important person is missing. I imagine that the part where Zenkichi challenges Natayama to a game would have been way cooler if Medaka’s name wouldn’t have been mentioned. Zenkichi should have been there, looked confident and said stuff in the same way Medaka does. The audience isn’t stupid (or at least, I’m not). We would notice that Zenkichi became more like Medaka to “replace” her without anybody saying it. We would have noticed that the student council could solve problems without Medaka. It might be from the light novel past that the author has, but in this anime the dialogue sometimes really ruins scenes. Of the three genres (light novel, manga, anime), anime can have the most “impact”, both in awesome moments and in emotional scenes compared to the other two. You should use this to your advantage, not try to turn this into some kind of visual novel instead.

The conflict between the two girls is actually pretty interesting: hardcore vs casual. Now I can’t blame Natayama for being frustrated with the club as it was. Of course, she is acting incredibly immaturely and has no right to do whatever she wants. Akune was cool though. He was actually quite level-headed when he said that he would tell the teachers. If this wasn’t an over the top insane anime, that would have easily been the best thing to do. Still, Zenkichi does something “cooler”. The problem is that I know nothing about shogi. I’m a decent chess player, but I’ve never played shogi in my life so all the things with the four general game and the metaphors are a bit confusing for me.

So in the end, Zenkichi wins and everything ends happily ever after.

Rating: –

Like I said, the episode dragged incredibly and felt slow. The end was more interesting but confusing too. I was disappointed in this last episode.

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