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Uchuu Kyoudai – Episode 11

Subs by Commie


The third phase has begun. The fifteen contestants were transported to a secret facility in a bus with no windows etc.

About this episode

This is one way to start a new episode: have a random dream and make the character wake up. Still, Mutta’s dream doesn’t seem to be too far off, especially if you compare it to the test with the college student they showed us.

Mutta sure feels smart now.

I’m sure happy that I don’t have to take an astronaut test. I’ve never liked these claustrophobic places that this episode is full of. Besides, the atmosphere has gotten a lot heavier in this test.

So now in the “last room” the candidates see this video. I’ve got some serious respect for those astronauts who stayed so calm and even calculated their drop speed before they died. They’ve accepted death without having to discuss it with each other. I don’t see Mutta or that annoying blond guy (his name is Yasushi, by the way) die like this though. They’d be all panicking and being losers till the last minute. Still, it’s not like this is the only job where you could die. Plenty of accidents happen. Makes me kind of wonder why they go through the trouble of scaring their candidates like that. Obviously you could die, but you don’t get a creepy video if you become a logger (which, according to this site, is the most dangerous job in the US). It seems like the show wants to make a bigger deal out of this then it actually is.

I actually think that the discussion thing is pretty neat. In the end your own teammates will decide if you qualify or not, and not the JAXA people at the top. This is going to make everything more interesting too since we’re going to see what every character thinks of the other members later on.

Oh, give me a break.

Are you for real, Yasushi? They’re too tall and that’s why they’re no good? Don’t forget that the Japanese will still be short compared to their American colleagues. He’s got the same irrational thing going as Mutta, but in a negative way. Mutta may have chosen Serika as #1 – you know why – but at least he means no harm to anyone. This guy sure does, it seems like he wants to get rid of all the tall people. Same thing with his “Short people go first” and how he sees himself as special since the JAXA people let him complain as much as he wants. The way he says it even makes him a favorite among the JAXA people. I dunno, I know some people with the same “I can do whatever I want because I’m…” attitude and they really piss me off big time. I hope that he’ll get silenced some time soon.

Serika’s constant hunger thing is also growing old by now. At least, to me. Poor Mutta by the way, with his clothes. You’d think that the JAXA people could at least say that he’ll get clothes at the facility. On the other hand, he might have goofed up because the others didn’t mention anything about clothes.

I loved the dry way in which the story with the college student was animated. I mean, he was sitting there reading and out of nowhere he goes nuts. Then he starts mooning the camera’s.

So now it comes, the first trial. They’ve got to tell the time. Of course, Mutta isn’t the person who will do all these calculations like the rest did. Instead, he goes for a seemingly random number. Still, he got me with that declaration of his at the end of the episode. “You don’t need all of that”. He’s so sure of himself now. I seriously hope that he doesn’t goof off next because it would be epic if he actually blows everyone’s minds now.

Rating: +

The show is getting a lot more interesting now. The tests aren’t boring anymore and especially the last part of the episode was great. It’s the best cliffhanger yet I think, so I really hope that it lives up to my expectations.

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