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Anime episode reviews.

Medaka Box season 2 announced

So there it is, we do get another season of Medaka according to ANN. The new season is coming in fall 2012, it won’t directly follow season one. I don’t really have a lot to say about this. I’ll probably watch it but not review it, except if there’s nothing else to review which I doubt.

And to sneak it in: I’ve decided on my reviews for the next season. I’ll keep doing Accel World, Hyouka and Uchuu Kyoudai (if I catch up, that is). Sankarea, Medaka Box and Natsuiro Kiseki will end. I’ve decided that I won’t do more than one anime per day, because I noticed that this was pretty hard on me with both Sankarea and Natsuiro Kiseki every friday. Since Sword Art Online would double with Uchuu Kyoudai, I’ve chosen not to review it. So my new schedule will be:

Monday: Hyouka
Thursday: Binbougami Ga
Friday: Koi to Senkyo to Chocolate
Saturday: Accel World
Sunday: Uchuu Kyoudai


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