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Accel World – Episode 10

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The red king aka Yuniko explains what she’s up to: she wants Haruyuki’s and Snow Black’s help to defeat a monster called Chrome Disaster.

About this episode

Seriously, Haruyuki’s harem is growing all the time. I’ve complained about that before so I won’t repeat myself. For a shy kid, he sure has fantasies though, about older and younger sisters. Still, the weirdest part was when Chiyuri got angry at him when she saw him with Snow Black. I mean, the rumors have existed for quite some time now and I don’t understand why Chiyuri would be against this. After all, she’s already got a guy.

Chiyuri asking to be a Burst Linker was actually quite interesting. I had a discussion with a reader at an earlier review and it seems like he/she might be right. I assumed that Chiyu won’t become one and the reader mentioned the opening footage. Still, in Accel World Haruyuki already has the role of the new guy who has to learn everything and catch up with the other characters so it would be somewhat weird to introduce another new Burst Linker. Still, this might give Haruyuki a chance to show off for once. But whatever happens, this is something for the far future because we’ve got the Chrome Disaster arc first.

Of course, Snow Black is never too specific about her past. There is always some mystery with her and this time it’s about her parent. She won’t mention her, but she tells Haruyuki that she now hates her. I think that calling the relationship a curse is exaggerating it a bit though. There must be ways to fight outside of the accelerated world and there is nothing preventing them from fighting in it either. It’s a question of trust and usually you choose somebody whom you trust in the first place for this kind of thing. And maybe they haven’t learnt this yet, but you shouldn’t solve all your problems by fighting, ne~ ?

Funnily enough Yuniko talks a bunch when Haruyuki asks. She’s got the tsundere thing where you expect that she wouldn’t open up, but she does after all. She’s also the first character to admit that she’s addicted to the accelerated world. Anyways, the most interesting point is of course when she mentions that the brain burst might uninstall when somebody reaches level 10. This might not be a bad ending, but I hope that they’ll surprise us. And now Haruyuki gives us some words of wisdom, from his experience as gamer. Of course he’s right: people get tired of games. I’ve never been into the social thing of MMORPGs. I enjoy playing games with friends, but I don’t really feel a need to make new friends over a game or come into one of those communities. Like Haruyuki said, it becomes boring once it doesn’t end. Everything should end somewhere. Some things can live longer than others, but every good story has an end. There hasn’t been a game I’ve been able to play for ever, I’ll eventually get tired of something if it doesn’t end soon enough.

And this doesn’t make any sense.

Lol, it must be annoying to hold her foot the entire time.

So from the short shot we’ve seen, the Cherry Rook person is a girl? I thought that Yuniko referred to that Cherry Rook as a he, but then again they don’t know a lot about the other player’s real life identities.

A maid on a bike? Something isn’t right here.

So Cherry Rook is the maid from the opening? In that case, she can’t be that green thing that looks like a healer from the opening. I assumed that the maid would be the green one, but it seems like I was totally wrong. Of course, this doesn’t have to be Cherry Rook. It might also be Yellow Radio? In that case half of the accelerated world is a governed by women. I’m not against women playing video games or having political power, but it’s still pretty weird how many female characters there are in the accelerated world. I didn’t think that this would be a show with a screwed male-female ratio. As long as they don’t serve as harem feed for Haru, I’m fine with it though.

So there’s a “real” accelerated world too. This makes everything cooler actually because it makes way more possible than with only the duels that we’ve had up till now. I was wondering how legions could have territory, now we find out. It’s also interesting how you can spend a lot of time here and become a different person while your body doesn’t age as much. I wonder if you could starve while hanging out in the accelerated world? That sounds like something that could happen to severe addicts. “Oh no, I forgot to eat!”

I’m getting a bit tired of the joke with Snow Black and Yuniko clinging to Haruyuki. It was funny last episode, now we’ve had enough.

And then they were attacked, but not by Chrome Disaster? I’m really curious about next episode now, since it’s the first time that we see a free for all and the first time with Snow Black getting serious. Can’t wait to see her in action. Yellow Radio looks pretty creepy though. It might be a good chance for Snow Black though: she’s got another level 9 to back her up and she has to get rid of the other kings either way. I expect that Chrome Disaster will pop up some time too. Maybe that will even force Yellow Radio to team up with Snow Black and co? After all, it’s not like Chrome Disaster can be controlled by the yellow forces.

Rating: +

Interesting episode this week. We actually handled many different subjects this time and also got a nice set-up for next week’s battle. I sure hope this one won’t disappoint (after Medaka Box did). I mean, we’ve got a pretty good amount of numbers so we can really have a big brawl. I’m looking forward to seeing something like that next week.

One response to “Accel World – Episode 10

  1. Anony September 30, 2013 at 16:54

    Oh, God, the mere thought of this guy having a harem is mind numbing to me.

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