Semai Sekaide

Anime episode reviews.

And I’m back!

I’ve been back from my vacation since Wednesday, and boy was I exhausted. And maybe even worse, I was a week behind on schedule. And boy, that sucks. That’s a stunt I don’t want to pull often, because I ended up doing at least two reviews a day and I’ve still got a back log. But I can now proudly present a whole bunch of stuff that I’ve finished:

I’m sorry for the Uchuu Kyoudai and Zettai Karen Children fans. There are still two chapters and three episodes (counting the one from today) waiting for me, but I will work them into my regular schedule (I’ve got a break on Tuesday and Wednesday so that actually works out pretty well) and hopefully I’ll be back up to date this week.

Anyways, to fill out the space I might as well write some more personal stuff.

As you may know or not, I had three weeks of final high school exams. My last exam was on the 30th of May and I’ve had vacation since then. Like many kids from my school, I went on a “exam vacation” as we call it right after the exams. I left on the very next day and came back on Wednesday. It was a bit short, but some of my friends had science Olympiads coming up so we had to be home on Wednesday. I’ve got a few real genius friends. I can’t say that I’m stupid or anything, but those people are way out of my league. It’s an amazing group though. The twelve of us rented two appartements in Calella, Spain that were about five minutes away from the beach. It was a great place because the beaches weren’t crowded. Of course part of it is also that we came before the real tourist boom (lucky us). The appartements weren’t anything to write home about. They were a bit dirty before we arrived, the gas wasn’t working incredibly well, the warm water would sometimes fail and the electricity couldn’t handle a microwave and water cooker being plugged in at the same time. There weren’t enough knives and there wasn’t a light in our kitchen so it was sometimes pretty hard to see what we were doing. The funny thing is that this made it feel much more like a vacation to all of us. We had to do everything ourselves with a bare minimum of equipment and nobody to help us. It actually even went pretty well: we took turns with cooking and washing up. I expected a lot worse. We spent most of the evenings playing Risk, Monopoly and card games. We had some pretty epic games of Risk too.

The craziest thing we did though was “Operation Shaniqua”. This was top-secret and only five people had Shaniqua clearance at all. The idea was this: four of us (including me) would go to Mallorca for a day to surprise the girls from our group of friends who went on vacation there. Three of the four girls knew about the plan, and the idea was to surprise the other one. That meant that we went to the pool they were hanging out at, picked up the one girl who didn’t know that we were coming and tossed her into the water. Her reaction was priceless, she had no idea at all that we would come. It was a longer trip to Mallorca than we had expected though – a nine-hour journey because we had some terrible transfers to the air port. It cost us a bunch of money (not too much, but not too little either) and a lot of time traveling, but it was totally worth it. We had a great day in Mallorca and it’s just one of those things you have to do when you have the chance. I mean, at least that gives me better stories to tell when I’m old than “I wrote about Japanese cartoons during my teenage years”.

So I had a great time and it would have been great if it was longer. So now I’m back for a while (I’ll go to Michigan for two weeks in a while, but I should be able to tackle my weekly dose of anime over there) and I hope you didn’t miss me too much.

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