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Natsuiro Kiseki – Episode 8

Subs by Rori

About this episode

You’ve got mail!

Don’t you hate it when this happens? You get an email and… it’s just an advertisement. I have two email addresses and one of them, my Hotmail, only gets spam from Microsoft and links with viruses in them. I only check it because it gets rid of the stupid “You’ve got x unread emails” pop-ups on msn messenger.

I understand Saki though. There are usually people in a group who take the initiative for something and people who don’t. I’m more one of the latter too – usually there are others who are like “Hey wanna hang out tomorrow?” and I’ll tag along. So yeah, it’s a weird situation since you want to do something but you’re not usually the person who does this kind of thing. It’s a really weird idea if I start reflecting upon it actually, haha.

Luckily, there’s Yuka who summons the group. And the idea is to go on a trip. That came pretty much out of nowhere, but these spontaneous plans are usually the most fun. I don’t know why, but that’s how it is – for me at least. Anyways it starts really outrageous – Bali, somewhere far away and expensive… There’s stuff that middle school aged girls can and can’t do of course. So Saki is a bit of the reality check. Still, she’s a real spoil sport. After a minute of brainstorming she already draws the conclusion that they’ll never ever find a trip and better sit and rot at home? That’s an attitude that will get you nowhere. Natsumi saves the day though. And so it’s decided: they’ll go to the island where Saki will be living. It’s funny how a trip that takes 11 hours by boat and a few train rides is affordable. Since I don’t know anything about Japanese geography (I think I can find Tokyo and Kyoto on a map and that’s it) that sure makes me wonder how far away those unaffordable trips would be. Just makes me realise how big Japan is. American readers, don’t laugh at this, but for me it is.

So yeah, Saki is having trouble with moving after all. I mean, there were a few moments of silence when it was mentioned, but after episode 2 she mostly seemed to accept it. Or so we thought: she has cropped up her feelings inside. She doesn’t want to leave, but doesn’t want to bother others with her feelings either. Losing your family or losing your friends, that’s the dilemma that Saki is facing. Well, not really since she decided already actually.

Wow, Rin didn’t take anything at all. Do clothes even fit in that bag? I liked the scene where Saki had the program for them. She seemed indifferent first but now I think she’s looking forward to it and certainly did her best to make the trip enjoyable. And then comes Yuka… that’s huge. I thought that she’d be the last person to pack her entire wardrobe. But later I found out how wrong I was when I assumed that…

This episode really makes you want to go on a trip, doesn’t it? It’s got this feeling of adventure in it. Especially the part where they’re exploring and screwing around on the ship.

So that was in the suitcase.

If you go on a group trip – even if it’s only one day – there’s always at least one person who is loaded with food. The person whose mom bought an entire supermarket so he’d have plenty for everyone. That makes my life a lot easier since I don’t have to bring any food. Her we have it too: Yuka has brought plenty for everybody. Good for her. I bet they won’t be able to finish all of this before the end of the trip.

So now it’s time to talk about love. The problem is that in a show like Natsuiro Kiseki there isn’t a lot to talk about.


I mean, there’s only one male character around their age and Yuka is already interested in him. The only one who has any choice of partners at all is Rinko.

The irony though. Yuka believed that she wouldn’t get seasick. Yes she did.

Now it’s happening though: Natsumi confronts Saki with questions about her moving. Saki has been quiet about it and pretended that she was over it. Of course she isn’t. And Natsumi starts making her doubt. Suddenly another option opens: that Saki stays with her friends. Seeing this episode I think that this will be a dilemma that Saki will face in episode 10/11/12. I’m really curious how it will end now. I assumed that Saki would move at the end of the show up till now, but this made me doubt. Four episodes to go, we’re on 2/3 of the ride now. And for some reason, the show just looked good here too. The blue sky and ocean with the close-ups of Natsumi and Saki (especially Natsumi whose orange hair looked really great in this part) looked beautiful.

It really looks like a sight I’d want to see.

Like I said, this makes me want to travel, see the world, you know. By the way, didn’t you think that the ending fit the mood at the end perfectly? I was never into the ending that much but I think that it was great in this episode. It has this melancholic sound to it. In the other cases please give me the ending of last episode lol.

Don’t skip the ending this time – there’s stuff afterwards! We’re introduced to a new character. And it’s a guy! Omigosh! But he’s not very nice to his future neighbor. I see a few things happening: he opens up to the group, or he makes Saki feel very out-of-place and even more reluctant to move. But we’ll see about that next week.

Rating: +

Like I said, this episode was an adventure. Not like a video game or fantasy movie, but the kind of adventure you’ll have in your own life too. It had a lot of fun parts but also had an important scene at the end.

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