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Natsuiro Kiseki – Episode 7

After a few busy days I can relax a bit more now since 5/8 exams are finished. So it’s time to catch up on my back log. Hopefully I can do two reviews today and two tomorrow and be back on schedule again.

Subs by Rori

About this episode

The episode opens with this really awesome sounding BGM which turns out to be an insert song, the song that the girls dance to at the ending. I like this song a ton so I tried googling when this will be released. So thanks to my awesome research (read: MAL) points out that the song is sung by “Four Seasons (Sphere)”, so we’ll get a Four Seasons album sometime. I couldn’t find out more than that though, but I’ll keep my eyes open and report once I’ve found a release date.

I was kind of surprised that the girls decided to take part in the singing contest after all. I mean, the only one who was really psyched for it was Yuka at first. But by now everyone is looking forward to it. The irony is that the person who wants to be an idol so badly is the one who is too lazy to practice the dance. Yeah, it fits her perfectly. Yuka runs away from pretty much any work all the time. I can get annoyed by the Yuka’s in real life pretty easily if I have to work together with them because it clashes with my mentality: I’m the kind of person who takes responsibility and makes sure everything is done well. So I’m easy prey for people who prefer to have others do the dirty work. So yeah, I side with Natsumi again (see episode 1) especially since Yuka was the one who wanted to do this in the first place.

I love how Yuka looks so sure about this.

Yuka’s argument about her turn dies pretty quickly when you realise that if she did the turn correctly mirrored, she would have to do the entire dance mirrored. So I call excuses on this one: she tried to pretend that she practiced after all. Not that she keeps this up long, she admits that she only watched the video a minute later. And no, I don’t count watching the video as practice. You need to have experienced the physical part of the dance as well, Yuka.

LOL i pwn u in ice cream trivia u n00b!1!!

So there’s this festival going on. I can’t consider myself an expert on Japanese culture so this doesn’t ring any bells here. It reminds me more of the Vierdaagse. That’s a pretty famous walking event in The Netherlands. The name (Four Days) hints what it is: you hike a certain distance, there are a few to choose from, for four days in a row. There are also always a bunch of soldiers walking it fully equipped with all their stuff but it’s open for normal people as well. The festival reminds me of it because it’s in my region so the day that the wanderers come past our town there are always tons of people watching on the side of the road. Same thing pretty much everywhere else where they go. So with all the people standing next to the road watching the people carrying that… thing (whatever it is) I was reminded of that. Not that anyone cares though, you are free to skip this paragraph. Oh, maybe I should’ve said that up front.

Well, Natsumi is getting a history of being mad by now.

Natsumi surprised me for a second when she said that it sucks to be a girl. I was wondering where that came from, out of the blue. I know that she’s got this tomboy thing going, but still. Luckily she was talking about the festival and there weren’t any further implications to it. I mean, we’ve already got Rinko.

Speaking about Rin, she’s getting all shy and blushy. Where is your “I want you stuck on me” now?

Yuka is really skilled at evading work, we see once again. But she has to go home now to get her outfit. So our brave knight of the order of the phoenix sneaks into the chamber of secrets in order to not become a prisoner of Azkaban (ok, I’ll quit, this is terrible) and makes a succesful escape. No sister can stop Yuka!

I seriously thought that her sister would be in her room and grab her from behind (no sexual implication meant) right now.

By the way, I had this really strong déjà vu moment when I saw the outfit that the girls were going to wear in the singing contest. I’m not sure if it’s intentional or not, but compare these two:

The picture on the left is the cover of Sphere’s single Kaze wo Atsumete/Brave my Heart. I could swear that there was a cd cover with girls in similar clothes when I saw it. It’s not a 100% resemblance, but especially the one on the left (I assume this is Tomatsu Haruka, Yuka’s seiyuu) is wearing the same skirt with a white shirt on top as the Natsuiro Kiseki girls so it might be a reference to Sphere.

Saki is still a bit young to be “sexy” in my opinion.  But then again, I’m not into loli’s or young girls in general so what do I know. Saki has an awesome style.

So that sucked. Right when Yuka was finally practicing, there’s a distraction. I was really annoyed at Yuka when she was just lying around while Rinko was practicing the dance. I mean, she could’ve just joined in… But now there’s rain and that’s bad news. I was afraid that this would happen once we saw the rain and I really hoped that their contest wouldn’t be cancelled. It is their last chance after all, like Natsumi said.

So I think it’s kind of interesting how the girls have shown some reluctance for using the rock for every trouble in their way for a second time now. Rinko first didn’t want to use it when she was sick, and now Natsumi is also not sure if she wants to use it or not. For some reason the girls have issues with using the rock all the time. My guess is that they have a fear that it’ll backfire or turn out differently than they planned to. “Let the rain stop” summons a thunder and lightning storm or something like that. Maybe they also don’t want somebody to (accidentally) wish that they’ll win the singing competition, because this is what Rinko was struggling with. This is also the catch of the episode, that Rinko and Yuka didn’t use the rock after all.

Rinko’s mama caught me off guard for a second. I was all like “She doesn’t know about the rock, does she?” Yuka and Rinko had the same reaction lol.

By the way, I facepalmed to hard to this:.

Seriously guys? What is this weird plot hole? So first they’re not allowed to run in these clothes, and now they start running in the rain. So the outfit will be wet too… Good going.

I noticed this more when I was pausing the ending to make screenshots, but the animations in this anime look plain terrible when the characters are zoomed out too much. I’m not kidding, have a look. The ending’s animation in general wasn’t great imo compared to the rest of the episode. Which is weird because this is the “buy our songs” part.

So they won without wishing for it, fair and square. I must admit that it looked pretty good – even Yuka had her act together. And I love the song, I want it asap. So it ended on a good note, like pretty much every episode until now. No surprises there.

Next week… trains. I first thought that Saki was leaving us in episode 8 because of that, but I think they’re going on a trip. I’m pretty sure that the 12th episode will be the episode that makes/tries to make us cry when Saki leaves.

Rating: +

Most of which is the song I think xD

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