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Medaka Box – Episode 7

Simulcasted by Crunchyroll


The swimming meet ended, the judo club won sneakily. Medaka taught the swimming club a lesson that they shouldn’t waste their lives. She also hired Mogana as their treasurer.

About this episode

Reminds me of “Be careful or be roadkill” from Calvin & Hobbes.

This is such a brilliant slogan. I mean, she’s standing there looking all good and important and actually she’s threatening people. So Zenkichi walks into the student council room and finds a girl undressing for no good reason. Oh, it’s only Medaka was my thought. Actually not, this time it was Mogana and she actually has a natural reaction to this. Well, as natural as you can get in this anime that is. I guess now Mogana is an official stripper, since she was payed for being naked? Go and think about that one.

Daww, she’s hurt.

By the way, her habit of moving her ribbon is new. We’ve seen plenty of anime characters who can move their hair when they’re excited or something, like Medaka or Tenma from School Rumble, but this is the first for a ribbon. Hair in anime has muscles, that’s the reason if you were wondering.

I love the abacus. You’d think that high school students would have a (graphical) calculator or at least a keitai phone (as the Japanese call them) with a calculator on it, but it seems like this thing works fine for Mogana. Please don’t make me use one though, those are from way before my time.

Wow, I know these awkward situations well enough. No idea what to talk about. And yeah, it looks really stupid how Zenkichi is reading manga and doing nothing productive while Mogana is hard at work. It’s especially funny since we know that both of them want to talk about something. I mean, that’s the problem in real life: you don’t know if you’re bothering the other person or not. Mogana is incredibly awkward in this kind of situation and looks pretty desperate with her weather. My experience is that talking about the weather never really helps, because the conversation ends in two sentences. “Oh yeah, it’s nice/it sucks.” Of course our hero Zenkichi knows exactly how to handle the situation:

I want to try this once. Bet I’ll get slapped in the face or something.

This ice breaker really killed me, the way he said it all confident. There goes all of his money too. In case you didn’t understand it, all these prices are pretty cheap. My rule of thumb is that you divide a price in Yen by 100 and you’ll have the price in Euro. It’s not too different for Yen to US Dollar, but it’ll be a slightly higher number. So sexually harassing a girl costs you 50 cent in Euros or about 55/60 cent in Dollars (my estimates). That’s cheaper than a can of coke.

So yeah, Shiranui comes in to “help out”. I was expecting her to have some food for Mogana, but that would’ve been too nice. Instead, she has a billion pictures of Medaka x Mogana. So now Zenkichi can save Mogana and talk to her. The flashback about Medaka was also… interesting. It’s kind of weird that Zenkichi knows Medaka before grade school. That’s pretty long. I moved four times in the first seven years of my life so I don’t have something like a close childhood friend who I’ve known all my life. As a preschool kid, it’s still considered cute to kiss somebody though. Maybe not on the mouth though, that’s a bit far… I wanna know what forte #4 is now. Zenkichi also explains how Medaka works to Mogana. I guess we already knew or could have guessed this though, but it doesn’t hurt to tell this.

Not with this face.

Wow, that’s the worst logic I’ve ever seen. Medaka = Medaka, Mogana = Mogana. She should just ask to be friends, now creep Zenkichi out. Oh, and shouldn’t he ask for his money back since he’s being sexually harassed now? That’s one of these unfair things, nobody would take a man serious who complains about sexual harassment.

Akune’s face… Seems like despite his looks he’s still pure.

I’m wondering why Mogana isn’t dead yet since Zenkichi is blocking her mouth and nose, but that’s a member of the swimming team for you.

So now we’re on the second half. A so-called artist wants to use Medaka as a model. And since she likes to strip anyways, this is no problem to our so-called fairy. Right? Nope. For some reason, Medaka isn’t the right model for his piece of art. And since somebody who isn’t selfish can’t call himself an artist, he dismissed Medaka as model. So it’s time to look for more girls.

Zenkichi Hitoyoshi: How to stay single for your entire life.

It’s kind of weird how the girl who had to be blackmailed was still sad because she was rejected. If you don’t agree with me that she’s scary though, you should go watch episode 2 again. The art boy has a good sense for this…

And so ends Mogana’s career as stripper… “Priceless” is her worst nightmare?

So next the goddess on the beach is two guys. Well that didn’t last long either. This is getting old by now. And just now, the perfect person appears… Shiranui? She sure gets a lot of attention in this show even though she isn’t officially a main character. I’m not into Shiranui that much so somewhere I wish they’d cut it out.

No, this is pedophilia. You can go to jail for this.

Rating: +

The first half of the episode was pretty darn funny. Mogana is my favorite character up till now and she did a great job making her episode fun. Better than Akuna at least, three episodes ago. So yeah, pleasant surprise.

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