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Accel World – Episode 6

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Taku becomes allies with Haruyuki and Snow Black again thanks to the power of friendship. Snow Black announces her return to the world. In the hospital, Snow Black is now about to tell us her name.

About this episode

Accel World trolled us incredibly. They didn’t tell us Snow Black’s real name at all. I assume that Haru knows it now but we’re never going to find out. They’ll make convenient use of nicknames and not addressing her by name in general so I don’t think that her name will ever see the light of day.

It seems like Chiyuri is mad at Haruyuki. We’re told why later on: the two boys have already confessed everything to her. I understand that she was pretty pissed/weirded out because of this, but I think that they did the right thing. Like Takumu said last episode, they’ll have a fresh start. Takumu also looks like he’s leaving the blue forces to join up with Snow Black now. I at least assume that this is what he’s doing.

Stroke, stroke, hint, hint.

This scene with Snow Black and her hair was golden. Of course Haru notices that she tied up her hair, but he doesn’t know what to say/do. I must agree with Haruyuki that just saying “Oh, it looks nice” sounds like he’s saying it to be nice and doesn’t mean it, but I guess girls want to hear this anyways.

It seems really weird that Haruyuki calls Takumu his best friend though. Must mean that the kid doesn’t have many friends. I mean, they really hated each other last episode and now everything is fine? Well, good for them I say.

So Haru is training now which is cool. I’m looking forward to his next battle when he’s hopefully not that much of a noob anymore. That leveling up was painful though… Still, I’ve never played a game where leveling up could be a bad thing in the way it is over here. Now I’m not that big of a gamer so I bet there are games like this, but the way Haruyuki has to pay almost all of his points sucks. I hope that the level up bonus gets neat though, since it has to be actually worth it to level up.

I’ll skip a bit further to the scene with Chiyu. What she’s saying doesn’t make sense. It doesn’t seem like she’s still really mad, and she’s just being mad for the sake of being mad. There’s no reason whatsoever to have to eat all the ice cream before forgiving the two boys either. There’s something else that I don’t understand. Takumu was supposed to be almost out of points before, remember? He even begged Haru to put him down because he’ll lose Brain Burst otherwise. Now he seems to be loaded: first he offers Haru a bunch of points and now he’s using his epic skills to dodge the dictionaries (which, I must admit, is pretty cool). I guess that Takumu must have won a bunch of duels between then and now, since we don’t know how much time passed either.

Which doesn’t mean that her hair doesn’t look nice.

Poor Haruyuki. He’s doing his best but understanding women is a step too far for him.

Oh yes he knows.

The second half of the episode starts a new story. This Bouncer person sounds interesting enough. There are many “mysteries”: why she does this, why she does her job so well at level one etc. I really felt as curious as Haru and Taku when he walked into that café.

Seriously Haruyuki, there’s a limit to how clumsy you can get. It got on my nerves how he was being an idiot in front of Bouncer. First you trip, then you fall over the girl, touch her breast and when you try to pick up her bag you spill all the contents over the floor? Even the going to the bathroom 10 minutes before your date is weird. I understand that they wanted to make this a bit awkward or something, but come on.

This was a terrible bluff.

Haruyuki also made a big deal about the cabling (even though this is the third girl he’s cabled with). You’d think that he has a bit of common sense about the situation he’s in. The concept of cabling is still so weird to me. “She’s so bold!” is what girls at other tables are whispering so you’d assume that it was something a bit more… you know, mature? I dunno, but except for the fact that you can hack into another person this is like instant messaging.

Assume that everyone on the internet is a guy.

So remember how Takumu left the kendo club? I assumed that it was because he sucks without Brain Burst abuse. But the way the girls are talking about it makes something feel off. The way Snow Black also reacts hostile to him makes me really curious what’s going on. I sure don’t hope Takumu was a spy or turns evil again.

Stuff will get real soon…

Next episode looks like an episode with a ton of action in it and I’m looking forward to that. There’s a lot going on and I think that this show will only get more interesting.

Rating: +

This episode felt like a bridge between two parts of the story and did a good job in both wrapping up stuff and introducing new stuff. That cliffhanger, darn. I’m also curious what role Bouncer will have in the story. I’m also hoping that Chiyuri will become a Brain Burst person as well, but that might never happen. Anyways a good episode.

4 responses to “Accel World – Episode 6

  1. etery-chan May 15, 2012 at 03:59

    But I am pretty sure that one of the robots during the OP song must be Chiyu.
    Oh this is not a spoiler, I haven’t read the source material.
    It’s pretty predictable because the OP showed the main characters’ avatar in sequence:
    – Cyan Pile (taku)
    – the small red avatar who fires twin cannons must be the twin tail red haired girl
    – the small green avatar is probably Chiyu
    – The water-like avatar must be Aqua Current
    – After that, Kuroyuki and Haru

    • Suzels May 15, 2012 at 09:41

      You’ve got a good point. However, there’s also another character in the opening that isn’t introduced yet: the girl on the left here There’s often a female character in the main cast of action series who doesn’t do much of anything actively but passively influences the other characters, a bit like Yoshida Kazumi in Shakugan no Shana or Tea (I don’t know her japanese name) in Yu-Gi-Oh! They don’t take part in the action but create love triangles and stuff. I can see Chiyu ending up in this category. Maybe also because I assume that there won’t be two noobs in this series and Haru is finally getting his act together.

      Of course, this is only speculation on my part too and I’d welcome Chiyu into the world of Burst Linkers any time.

      • etery-chan May 22, 2012 at 14:24

        From episode 7’s preview, the twin tailed red hair girl is the red avatar after all.
        Are you talking about the one in maid outfit?
        But she’s kinda tall. The green avatar is a shortie.

      • Suzels May 22, 2012 at 17:05

        Don’t forget that Haru growth three times his size as avatar. So I don’t think that height really matters.

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