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Uchuu Kyoudai – Episode 6

Subs by Commie


Mutta came to Houston to visit his brother Hibito. There’s a bunch of tension between the two of them. Mutta tries to compete with Hibito in other areas but just makes a fool out of himself. He promises to visit the space center next day. One of the JAXA people says that Mutta is his immediate pick.

About this episode

Okay, I got trolled big time last week. The “I would definitely pick Nanba” suddenly doesn’t sound as nice as it sounded last week. I checked last episode, and they talked about cutting someone, so I misread it. Yeah, the headbutting incident came back to haunt Mutta for the rest of his life.

Mutta doesn’t know about the bad stuff going on at home yet, and instead is watching as Hibito is showing off. By the way, I didn’t know there were 100 astronauts at the NASA headquarters, I didn’t even know so many people went to space. I still wonder if Mutta kept track of the seconds or just read what was on the stopwatch carefully. It looked pretty awesome when he corrected Jennifer though, she didn’t even notice. She’s like “huh?” too.

Mutta has a hard time picturing his little brother as a samurai. In the eyes of foreigners every Jap is a samurai I guess. Hibito gives him an evil glare and goes back to showing off. With the weights too. I don’t think it’s a coincidence that Hibito breaks his personal record today. Mutta passes on the exercise, I think I’d do the same in his place. Those weights don’t look very nice and I’m not into fitness. Oh and Hibito also goes on tv, which is cool. He’s getting all the attention like Mutta said.


Poor Mutta – I’d also die of shame in that situation. I don’t enjoy being in the limelight and I think Mutta is the same. He’s a bit awkward in public and prefers to let other people be on tv. I also think that Hibito should have at least asked if Mutta minds this or not. Hibito sure doesn’t know how to shut up about his brother. Mutta knows exactly how to handle these situations: hide under the blankets and cry. Oh and Apo got to eat all the nuts.

People from his old company call this time. I wonder if they know he’s in America – it’ll cost them a fortune. They tell Mutta the bad news, how his boss is childish and still holds a grudge. I understand that you fire this person, but the boss is trying to ruin the rest of someone’s life here. First he makes sure that Mutta isn’t hired by another company and now he’s also sabotaging his chances of becoming an astronaut. For the first I can see a reason, that the competing car companies don’t get a good employer, but this is just sad. Great timing too, right at the moment Hibito was talking about how his brother will be an astronaut.

Mutta has an unexpected ally: a man who used to always see him at JAXA. I really like this person, he wants Mutta to be treated fairly and does everything he can to make this happen. You might also say he’s biased though, lol. There’s a lot of flashback coming up, but this time it’s really priceless.

“Thanks for reminding me, I forgot that you were the only ones.”

Mutta makes a pretty awkward remark right off the bat. It’s true, but don’t say it like that. The woman is new and she’s having a hard time now. She’s nervous in front of two kids and doesn’t know the script perfectly either. Makes me feel sorry for her.

And now even more.

Makes me wonder why the two boys keep coming to the presentations, the poor woman isn’t necessary except to turn on the video.

Mutta now totally lost his faith that he could become an astronaut, even more than before. That’s pretty obvious, with all the knowledge he has about JAXA. By the way, you’d think from this part that Mutta has an infinite knowledge of random useless JAXA trivia. A few episodes ago Kenji was the one who demonstrated this and Mutta just looked at him with astonishment. Then again, the hobby of the president of JAXA probably isn’t in the script the women read out at their presentations.

The old guy is pretty awesome and he fondly remembers the two boys. This results in a flashback within a flashback of all things. Mutta seems to specialize in headbutting of all things. But with this guy (Hoshino, I think) supporting Mutta, he’s back in the race. I sure hope that he’ll be able to save him.

By the way, we got ripped off big time this week.


This week’s space photo obviously wasn’t made in space. It’s the JAXA receptionists? They better get their act straight by next week, people are looking forward to this!

Rating: +

Positive because of the awesome guy saving Mutta. The smartass little Nanba’s were priceless too. Good enough episode for me.

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