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Accel World – Episode 5

Subs by UTW


Snow Black gets hit by a truck and tells Haruyuki that she loves him. Taku seems to have placed a virus in Chiyuri so it seems like she’s the one attacking Snow Black. Taku enters the hospital where Haruyuki is guarding Snow Black and they immediately fight.

About this episode

Hey guys, you know how this is an action show? We’ll, we’re getting some action this episode! I was looking forward to that since we didn’t have any in episode three and four.


I must agree with Takumu, Haruyuki was absolutely doing something he shouldn’t have done. They cabled behind his back and all. It’s still very weird how basically talking is considered an intimate activity, but then again inviting someone else into your room when you have a boyfriend is also wrong somewhere. It sucks for Takumu though. Something isn’t right in their relationship when Chiyuri doesn’t care about her boyfriend as much as about Haruyuki. But let’s be honest, Takumu should have maned up and not accepted this. Hating Haruyuki instead is unfair as well. There’s a lot of stuff thrown into our faces right in the first few minutes in this conversation.

The idea of tearing off limbs was a cool idea too. Haruyuki’s arm being torn off was kind of unrealistic though, but then again this is a metal suit and not a real body. Haru’s first reflex is fleeing, which is pretty lame and it takes him a while to get ready for action. According to himself he’s figuring out Takumu’s range, but the way his eyes teared up didn’t convince me.

By the way, I’m not sure if you noticed but did you guys see how much damage all of Haru’s punches, kicks and headbutts did? We see this a bit later, when Taku shows his special attack gauge.

This much.

Yeah, just the one attack Takumu landed did more damage than everything Haruyuki pulled off. That’s kind of absurd.


Haruyuki got a ton of clean hits, he threw the guy on the floor and everything. That would have been enough to kill off Ash Roller for sure, but of course the protagonist has to lose first and pull off an amazing victory in the end. The way Haruyuki’s armor kept falling more and more apart during the fight was also pretty amazing. I don’t only mean the big ones, like his arm and leg, but also later when he’s smashed through the building, small chunks of armor kept falling off.

It’s a shame that I couldn’t find a good spot to make a screenshot of the Spiral Gravity Driver because it’s a cool attack. Haruyuki doesn’t stand a chance, that’s the message we get here. He still hangs in there, but Takumu doesn’t think it’s worth the effort to finish him off. Another typical bad guy thing, never actually finishing off their enemies. But paradoxically, at the moment when Taku is about to be the match’s winner he sounds like a loser. “Please guys, don’t abandon me!” Takumu became addicted to acceleration and this is the price he must pay. Snow Black also said that he looked kind of desperate by the way he kept attacking her, and he confirmed this himself. He HAS to win this match, or lose all of his points and never accelerate again.

For some reason Snow Black is in the arena now, and Haruyuki gets to use his signature techniques, crying and whining. But this seems to be effective: he upgrades and grows wings. The wings are also very symbolic, they represent him stepping up from being a loser and taking his first step to become a champion. By the way, the BGM playing now is epic.

This is a much cooler finishing move than the headbutt.

We know what happens when a protagonist gets an upgrade: he beats the crap out of a previously unbeatable enemy. And this is exactly what Haruyuki does. He holds Taku high in the sky and could drop him any time. But now is when Takumu realises that he has no options other than having a change of heart. Haruyuki makes Takumu his minion ally and they decide to have a peaceful talk and a fresh start. Snow Black is also healthy again for some reason and she shows up. Not only this: she also announces her return to the world of burst battles or whatever they were called.

Black Lotus, speaking down from the sky.

I agree with Snow Black that her avatar looks ugly, but I don’t like the designs in the first place. It’s also weird hearing her high and soft voice from a suit like that to be honest, it’ll take some time to get used to it.

By the way, remember how I said that we didn’t know her real name in the last reviews? Her real name is actually the cliffhanger this week. And the way they present it, I don’t think that it’ll be revealed next week either. Maybe told off-screen and never mentioned by Haru or something.

Rating: +

Strong episode with good action. Even though it was an action episode, there was plenty of plot and character development in it. I’m not sure if this is UTW’s fault or the bad raws, but I recommend everyone who wants to watch this to get the blue-ray version once it’s out: the bad quality kind of hurts the show in general.

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