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Zettai Karen Children – Chapter 300

Scanlated by Imperial Scans

Color also by Imperial Scans – but we need a picture for chapter 300, right?


The Children and everything related to them went to the old mansion where Kyousuke was shot, partly to deepen the bond between Minamoto and Kyousukid, but Fujiko also wants to figure out what Kyousuke entrusted to Kyousukid.

About this chapter

Well, this is chapter 300 now. Yay! Congratulations Shiina-sensei, but I’ve also got to congratulate all the people who have supplied us with our weekly dose of Children up till now. I’m very grateful to everyone who worked on this and especially Js06 who has translated pretty much ever chapter. I can’t say this often enough: Zettai Karen Children is a really amazing shounen manga and deserves way more attention than it gets now.

Shiho thinks exactly the same I am: why the hell didn’t they get the cover or color pages? I mean, 300 chapters. There aren’t many manga in Sunday that reach that number and I know that Kenichi and Hayate both got opening cover for their 300th chapter. I always feel like color pages are a reward for a mangaka to show him that the magazine and the readers appreciate all he’s doing. I know that ZKC isn’t as popular as Hayate or Kenichi and that it hardly ever gets color pages in the first place, but still… I feel kind of sorry for Shiina-sensei.

Great, I’ve done two paragraphs over 4 pictures. I’m on a great start. I lold at Kaoru’s manga meat. That stuff always reminds me of One Piece. Kaoru looks so happy eating it. Now she’s ready to be the pirate king!

Long live Imperial Scans for giving the Children their deserved color after all. And it’s so typically ZKC to also blatantly say that it’s service. I’ve never liked ecchi humor because it’s always kind of childish and repetitive, but ZKC is the exception to this rule. I don’t know if it’s Kaoru or just the way they present it, but it works.

By the way, I am a foreigner who’s reading this and I’m up for some bath etiquette. I don’t think that Shiina-sensei meant the scanlation community with this remark, but if he did he’s awesome. It’s funny how Fujiko reminds us that you’re not allowed to take a towel into the bath. She should have really said that the only reason anime do it is to censor bath scenes, since we’re breaking the fourth wall here anyways.

Kaoru blushes when washing every nook and cranny – I’m not exactly sure if she’s suggesting something or not. Must be Japanese, not getting your hair wet. I don’t understand why, maybe to keep hairs out of the bath or something. I should send a letter to Fujiko-sensei about this.

Wait… this is pretty much the first manganime where I’ve seen characters use a tablet computer, I think. Not counting futuristic sci-fi series of course. Media is always a few years behind the latest technological developments. Most anime characters still use clamshell phones and not smartphones like pretty much everyone has these days. I think that Bakuman and SKET Dance are the only exceptions to this. I’m not sure if people even noticed this, but Takagi has an iPhone in the later chapters of the manga and I think that Mashiro got a smart phone towards the end too.

Oh, you geeks.

Tim and Bullet found their hidden treasure in Fujiko’s mansion – old model trains and guns. I don’t know why Sakaki, Minamoto and Kyousukid in the wine cellar are more interesting than the model trains though. Lol at the incredibly old wine – I can’t imagine that it still tastes good. The girls think it’s interesting though. But what we really find there are some old documents – what pre-B.A.B.E.L. wasted their money on. In that aspect the organization didn’t change a bit, they’re still wasting tons of government money. Transporting wine with a war plane is awesome though.

And now we get to the part where it starts to get interesting besides the changing scene, and we’re left with a cliffhanger. The guy who haunts the book, Utsumi, comes back. He was with P.A.N.D.R.A. before but I don’t exactly remember how that all went. I think that Kyousuke made a copy or something? Don’t quote me on this though, it’s been way too long.

Rating: Oh come on, it’s chapter 300! Party time!

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