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Sankarea – Episode 5

Subs by Commie

Medaka isn’t out yet by WhyNot and I’m waiting for them, so this week I’ll change the order a bit. I’ll be a bit slower with the releases this time around because I’ve got plans for today and tomorrow and exams to study for.


The dead Rea is hanging out at Chihiro’s house. Rea says she wants to do things a normal girl does with Chihiro. Chihiro is called out by Ranko and bothered by his friends and by the time he comes back home, Rea can’t move anymore.

About this episode

I was actually planning to praise this episode for not being to service-y, but I guess I have to take that back after the last few minutes. Anyways I like Chihiro as a protagonist exactly because he behaves himself. He finally got his zombie girlfriend and he still decides to sleep in the temple as long as Rea is in his bed. I guess that Ranko’s exists to balance this out.

Chihiro isn’t a character who can subtly ask for information or keep secrets, and that’s painfully obvious in this episode. “Oh hey sis, can I read a book about embalming dead bodies for no reason whatsoever?” isn’t a question that won’t arouse any suspicion. Mero is still awesome with her ghost tiara on when she sleeps, like she also had in episode 1.

This is fairly hypocritical, Chihiro. Mero had an awesome reply though.

Lol at grandpa asking the same question at every meal. He’s the funniest character in the show with a perfect look to match his personality.

Fyi Rea is cuter when her head pops out of the flowers.

I actually thought that the other girl was stalking Ranko for a second, the way she suddenly appeared, because she’s in love with her. I have no clue why I thought this though. Maybe because it’s already a messed up anime and why not add a lesbian character? But once the conversation progresses, I’m pretty sure that it’s not Ranko she’s after – if she is a lesbian, that is – but Rea. “Hey Ranko, look at all the pictures I have of Rea! Rea this! Rea that!” She isn’t even subtle or anything but starts blabbing about her love for Rea. Ranko gets enough of it and just walks away. I’m not sure why exactly. Maybe because she overheard Chihiro’s friends talking about Rea or something, or maybe she’s just jealous of all the attention Rea gets. They don’t show her eyes and that’s anime language for “I’m angry but won’t show it”. It’s complicated I guess.

The gag at the beginning of the second half worked well, the one with “I’ve got vacation… but have to clean the temple grounds”. The joke isn’t that new but they did a good job with it by screwing up the bgm at the same time.

Uhm… have a good look at the cat.

I can’t believe Chihiro’s father is so incredibly dim to not recognise the newly resurrected Babu. He looks like a down to earth kind of person, but for some reason he can’t acknowledge that his cat is alive again. On the other hand, Chihiro is secretive about all of this and I’m not even sure what everybody knows. Wanko knows that Chihiro resurrected Babu, but I’m not even sure about Mero now.

Chihiro + grandpa was pure awesomeness the way they laughed together.

Fuck yeah Sada.

Dad and Mero don’t seem impressed though. But I love it how the grandfather lets something that could be a vital plot point (or not) slip and then forget about it entirely. Maybe he’s only pretending to be senile and later he’ll have a few tricks up his sleeve? That would be a pretty funny development. But if he’s implying that he created a resurrection pill, he might have more somewhere. Also another theory of mine: grandpa is actually a zombie too. I mean, he eats those poisonous leaves and looks pretty dead to me. It might even explain his senility? I sure hope that the last one isn’t the case though, because that would imply that Rea looses her personality too. Please don’t do this to me, she is too good a character to ruin.

Mero is pretty awesome too. She knew right away that Chihiro was doing something secret in his room and figured this out. She doesn’t care enough to investigate though since she dropped the matter once she got tired of asking about it. Chihiro’s excuses were pretty pathetic and I’m sure that she wasn’t convinced by the “I already cleaned up some in my room”. Maybe she even has a hunch that Chihiro has a dead body in there.

Ranko decides to ask Chihiro about Rea. The funny thing is that the tale Wanko imagines isn’t even so far off – except that the truth is a lot less fairy tale-ish. Actually, something else that I’m wondering about all this time: why is Ranko wearing an apron when she’s running errands? Doesn’t make a lot of sense to me.

The episode doesn’t really start until the last five minutes, because now everything that’s relevant to the plot happens (and boobies too). Wanko decides to pick up a zombie dvd. She finds a hair in Chihiro’s room and investigates the closet Rea’s supposed to be in. Except… she’s not. I didn’t expect this but holy shit…

This is our sweet Rea?

I don’t quite understand why Rea feels a sudden urge to grope Ranko. Rea starts bleeding, but doesn’t care. Her sewing wasn’t that good after all? She’s got a chance to tear off Ranko’s clothes. Chihiro runs into the room and sees Rea suddenly attacking his cousin. But Rea has super powers now and she goes insane. This was really weird to watch and I think I’ll spare you guys and not add pictures of that. Next week: will Chihiro escape from Rea’s power hug or will he die in the process?

Rating: /

This episode felt kind of slow. I was itching to know what happened with Rea but we didn’t get that until the last few minutes. The situation had to be set up. That said, this was the least interesting episode up till now and if I consider this meh, it’s been a pretty good show till now. I hope that Rea starts action like a human again though, because I thought she was a great character. Still, this show is pretty unpredictable so I’ll do my best to keep up.

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