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Hyouka – Episode 2

Subs by Mazui


Oreki Houtarou joined the Classics Club because his sister wanted him to save the club from death. Houtarou tries to use as little energy as possible all the time and usually tries to stay away from activities like clubs. He finds out that a girl called Chitanda Eru already joined and wants to leave, but she forces him to solve a mystery that interested her. In the end he joins the club together with his friend Satoshi.

About this episode

The beginning recaps what happened last episode by reminding us why in the world a person like Houtarou might ever join the classics club. After the opening we find out that absolutely nothing happened in about a month. That felt kind of weird, because you’d expect the characters to get to know each other and do some more stuff together in a month’s time. But it felt like the three of them didn’t really change over a month or anything. On the other hand, it makes sense that a person like Houtarou wouldn’t do much of anything so nothing happening in a month makes sense somehow. He also explained that he popped by when he felt bored. Are we talking a few times a week, or less? By the way, where’s Satoshi? He would be the person I’d expect to hang out in the clubroom all the time more than Houtarou. Seems like he prefers hanging out in the library. On the other hand it’s not like they really do anything over there and I understand that they don’t feel the urge to be there all the time. But even when Houtarou is around, he doesn’t seem like he’s doing much of anything over there. I kind of wonder what he’s reading. Not that it matters though.

Chitanda feels like it’s time to do something with the club. She only needed a month to figure that out. She seems to know that the classics club made anthologies every cultural festival and thus decided to do that too. Obviously Houtarou didn’t feel much of an urge to do this, and he tries to get it out of Chitanda’s mind. This seems like a difficult task though…

Fair enough.

What I don’t understand is why that last argument convinced Houtarou? Maybe he figured out that he can’t stop Chitanda now? My first guess when I watched it was that his sister would make him do it since she must have done it before too, but this is kind of shaky since she told him that he didn’t have to do anything besides registering as a member before. Or maybe he doesn’t want to get in a fight with a teacher or something? But now that he agreed with this, Houtarou has to do even more work. He has to look for the old anthologies. I feel very sorry for him, he only picked the wrong day to be bored and drop by.

Their quest brings them to the library where Satoshi and main character #4, Mayaka, are. Just looking for the old anthologies would be pretty boring so this is dropped for now and instead Mayaka introduces a new mystery. Oh, but first Satoshi tells us about something that’s totally irrelevant and nobody actually cares about. Seriously, why bother with the Konya festival thing? Maybe it’s important in a later episode or something? Seems like we’re going to have a greater mystery soon, so that might make sense.

Satoshi has a great idea: he’ll use Chitanda to make Houtarou use energy. Poor guy. The moment they say something about a mystery, Chitanda instantly becomes interested. Houtarou tries everything to get away asap, but Chitanda stops him every time.

This can't be very good for the book, but whatever.

I love how Houtarou said “That was careless of me”.

Sense was made.

Houtarou is a very practical person when it comes to this kind of thing. He knows when to give in. I’ll give him credits for that.

What I like is the way they we see Houtarou’s thinking process. It’s not the typical flashback with characters thing or just a close-up of his face. The images are moving in the way he’s thinking about all of this. What this anime also does right is that it doesn’t rely on random deux ex machina as much as some other detectives sometimes do. Even before the part with the paint smell I was thinking about the book being used for some kind of class already just by the ways Houtarou pushed us. He doesn’t do some weird tricks, this is pure realistic logic that we could also have solved. Even without the “smell of paint” thing they could have solved it. The smell was just to speed everything up so the case could be wrapped up in ten minutes. Like last episode they did an amazing job in making me interested in the story and giving us a satisfying end.

I like what Chitanda said about being a top student: she’s only good at the parts and not the whole, the thing that actually matters. This reminds me of some of the classes where I had the feeling that all the class was about was to memorize a bunch of random facts. I guess most of high school is like that though. Anyways, we get some foreshadowing about Chitanda who wants Houtarou for something.

I might be looking into this a bit too much, but I felt like the library teacher was hiding something from us at the end of the episode. Maybe related to Chitanda’s mystery?

It seems like now the real story is starting. Chitanda asks Houtarou to come to a café because she needs to talk.

Holy sh-

Chitanda comes in and wow… In the screen shot above she looks like a carbon copy of Takane Manaka from Love+. Don’t know Love+? If you’re a middle-aged man living in a basement, you’re missing something. If not, I don’t think you should bother. It’s a game where you can capture and spend time with a virtual girlfriend. I’m trying to unlock all of Manaka’s CG right now, but I’ll have to play it for a year to do that. I kind of wish that the 3DS version would come out for us Europeans, but it’s not like that will ever happen. All I can do is wait for a 3DS flashcart and somebody to translate it.

Not that anybody cares about me talking about Love+. Houtarou was cool in the way he made Chitanda get straight to the point at the end. He does make a pretty cool protagonist.

KyoAni basically decided to torture us for a week. I mean, I really want to know what Chitanda has to confess. I’m curious!

Rating: +

Another interesting case and a cliffhanger that I’m dying to find out about. This show is very good ’till now and I bet that it will stay good for the rest of its run too.

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