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Accel World – Episode 4

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Last weeks episode had a lot of talking. First Snow Black explains that her goal is to become level 10, and that a certain person from their school was attacking her. She suspected that it was Chiyuri. Haruyuki went to Chiyu to find out if this was true. They had a talk (or whatever you can call it) and at that moment Haru found out that Chiyu has the brain burst programmes.

About this episode

Oh wait, it seems like I made a wrong assumption last week. So the backdoor isn’t the real Brain Burst programme. Sorry, my bad. The scene with Chiyuri is ended now, the last thing she says is that Haru shouldn’t become Snow Black’s lackey. The weird thing is that even Chiyu refers to her as Snow Black, like nobody actually even knows what her real name is or that she doesn’t have one, which is weird. It seems like Haru has other plans though, he actually does see himself as Snow Black’s pawn. But I’ll get back to this later. Somewhere the actual scene stopped and turned into Haru’s wet dream with a threesome. He’s actually pretty bold in his dreams lol. Of course he feels guilty about this when he wakes up. And according to some anime law, this means that you have to let the entire world know about it.

Snow Black turning inquisitive was pretty funny, because it’s so incredibly out of character. You’d think that she wouldn’t bad an eye about this, but for some reason the idea of Haru cabling with a girl in her room isn’t something that she’s very happy about.

This is the first time she froze at anything, I think?

Since anime protagonists are always oblivious about this kind of thing, Haruyuki doesn’t have a clue why she suddenly got all angry. Luckily some random girls help him out and he finds out what the deal is. He turns all shy and sad about this. I thought it was kind of weird, but Haruyuki explained it himself: he’s afraid that once he gets happiness, he’ll lose it as quickly as he got it. Fair enough with him being him. However, I think that you should grab these kind of opportunities when they come up. Losing friends and other things that meant the world to you is part of life, but if you won’t start something because you’re afraid of losing it, you have already lost. In a world with 7 billion people and millions of anime characters (I can’t forget the 2D guys, can I?), there will always be someone out there for you. That would be my advice to Haruyuki, but anime characters tend to never do what I want them to do, so I typed all of this for no reason whatsoever.

School finished and Snow Black actually apologizes. Haru chooses to talk about the information he found than talk about the morning. He has decided to become Snow Black’s pawn after all. According to him, someone else hacked Chiyu and made it seem like she was the one targeting Snow Black. I approve of this because I don’t want to see a character like Chiyuri as an enemy. I mean, she really cares for Haruyuki and it would be a lot less touching if all the stuff from the previous episode were fake. Snow Black isn’t convinced because he can’t prove this, but Haruyuki is pretty sure about this. It was pretty impressive how the tension between the two of them increased during the conversation without them getting into a real fight yet. This dialogue really impressed me here. When I’m talking about dialogue, I also like Snow Black’s constant choice of worlds related to acceleration, speed, flight etc. These small things set a series apart from all the others with similar ideas, plots and/or characters. This is more obvious once they activate Burst Link in a few minutes: “You’ll be known […] as the fastest linker in the accelerated world”, “Even without a Neuro Linker or Brain Burst, I found myself living in accelerated time.”

Back to the part we’re actually at: Haruyuki seems to hit it perfectly and then fail. Judging from her reaction, she does seem to hate her perfectness, but Haru’s conclusion was wrong. She didn’t choose Haru because he sucks. It’s ironic that later we find out the opposite: Snow Black is impressed by him. We already could’ve guessed that she used her acceleration when she beat his high score, but confesses that she was amazed by his speed without hax. And this is exactly what she looks for in a man, as a woman who is captivated by accelerating. She was actually hurt by the picture that Haruyuki has of their relationship: she doesn’t want to see him as her minion.

You can see that her emotions have taken the better of her - she shouts at him instead of cabling insults which catches everyone's attention.

No time to make up their fight – a random car appears to kill them. The person inside the random car is the bully from episode 1 by the way, I didn’t remember his name so I looked this up.

It’s kind of ironic how Snow Black regains her cool when suddenly facing death. Haruyuki wants to protect her, but it’s obvious that he can’t do this. If Snow Black doesn’t use her secret technique, they’ll both die. Episode 4 is a really weird place for a dying speech and all though. I mean, she can’t just die like this. I hope, at least. This isn’t TTGL or Madoka Magica where her death will make Haruyuki stronger. By the way, there is something weird when she says that she realised “yesterday” how she fell in love with him and then they show scenes from that morning. I don’t think this is a translation error, so they should have shown the scenes from when Snow Black and Chiyuri fought at the school gate instead.

Kind of weird how they played some upbeat BGM that sounds like it comes from Mario Party in the Physical Full Burst scene. She’s about to die, you know?

Shit suddenly got real when she got his by the car after all. But she’s not dead and only went to the hospital. I thought that everything would be OK, but now there’s a new problem: Snow Black is connected to the hospital’s network and she can’t lose a battle now.

This actually looks pretty badass.

The last-minute mindfuck comes. The Cyan Pile guy… is Taku? The two friends will have to battle next episode.

Rating: +

I was expecting more action in this show, but I’m not complaining. The character development was good in this episode and especially the fight was done perfectly. Irritations rising and all. This was a good episode and it had me glued to the screen for 20 minutes.

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