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Sankarea – Episode 3

Subs by Commie


Rea’s father got angry when he found out that Rea snuck out of home to meet Chihiro. She drank the poisonous potion that they had made previously to commit suicide. But at the same moment Babu comes back to life, a few hours after being fed the potion.

About this episode

The new episode begins a bit before the previous one ended. The weird thing is that it’s not a recap, but instead shows us another scene that wasn’t in the last episode. Basically more Rea-cuteness that we can’t have enough of. And after that we get another reminder that Rea wants to die. But like Rea said, she isn’t allowed to die. What I have wondered about though during the episode, is the color on Rea’s face. She looks whiter than before. Is this because she drank the potion, or am I expecting her to be a zombie and seeing things because of that? I’m really not sure any more.

Rea’s father is still a creep as Rea comes into the dining room. But even worse than her father is seeing Rea as she forces herself to endure all of this. But what I kind of wonder is why Rea hasn’t committed suicide before. I mean, she didn’t need the potion if she’d really want to die, right? Maybe she didn’t have the courage before? But why now, when she finally fell in love? Was it too painful for her only now, being separated from Chihiro? But now she can’t commit suicide yet: she overhears her father who wants to take away Chihiro’s manliness. I’m not sure how to interpret this, Rea thinks that he’ll castrate Chihiro. It makes sense, because then Chihiro can’t do filthy things with his daughter and mess up a father’s pure and true love.

The worst part of this is that Chihiro has no idea what’s happening at the Sanka’s. Mero (Chihiro’s sister) had some funny dialogue in this episode. I’m not sure if it’s the translations or not, but it feels like very unnatural dialogue. “This takes the cake” or “his interests are in poor taste” sounds like something in a book, not like text spoken by a little girl. But it might be part of her character. Kind of funny how she calls the same brother “rotten to the core” now, while she hugged him in episode 1. Maybe because Wanko is around?

I can't find words to describe this picture.

The new Babu is hilarious. I mean, the cat actually says Babu? Chihiro is so happy, but his cat looks terrible and scary.

I was 100% sure that Chihiro would be all hyped about this idea. I mean, he'd have a harem.

Chihiro and Wanko follow Babu. I have a lot of respect for them that they can keep their balance on the wall like Babu can. And that nobody minds them doing so. Anyways, it’s service time. Wanko seems to be the living fan service machine and Rea embodies cuteness.

Talking about Rea, her mom actually seems pretty nice. She might be jealous about the attention that Rea receives from her husband or something? Anyways, she doesn’t make a fuss when she sees Rea fleeing and she tries to make mr. Sanka drunk so he doesn’t realise what’s happening. A shame it didn’t work though.

Anyways, Wanko has too much stuff so she gets stuck in the shaft. I don’t know why she’s still carrying around the tennis racket or whatever is in her bag, since that’s one of the reasons she gets stuck. The other one is her breasts, obviously. I find it hilarious that Chihiro doesn’t give a damn about his cousin being stuck and goes on outside of the shaft. We wouldn’t see Wanko for the rest of the episode either.

Ironically, when Chihiro gets close to Rea’s mansion, Rea leaves her mansion to look for Chihiro. She surprises his friends when she suddenly asks them about him. Luckily one of them is gay and the other one isn’t into women, so obviously there would be no problems at all when she asks. No, Chihiro’s friend doesn’t become jealous, angry or anything. But Rea isn’t looking too good during her quest to find Chihiro. I’m not sure if it’s because of the potion, her strained ankle (but that might have magically healed in one night) or her lack of stamina, but she obviously isn’t going to make it.

It's picture day today? This is really really creepy.

Babu’s eating the poisonous leaves again. Maybe those keep him alive (if we can call this state “alive”, that is)? I mean, that would explain why he went all the way to Rea’s mansion. Rea also got back again in the time that Chihiro got there. Sankarea is an anime about people who move with the speed of light, by the way. They can be wherever they want to be whenever they want to. Oh, and it’s also got phones with antennas.

I think that it’s fairly obvious this’ll be the climax of the episode. Rea’s father finds her, and wants to bring her back and punish her or something. Chihiro is there to see what a terrible man her father is. Babu acts as a deus ex machina because he scares Rea’s father for some reason. Well, for a reason aside that it’s half-dead and says Babu instead of nya. But a father’s love for his daughter is what kills her in the end: he pushes Rea off the cliff and she dies. Or does she? I’m happy that this part is a bit censored, because I don’t enjoy seeing wounds or other bloody scenes and Rea sure has a big wound. Babu the cliffclimbing cat (again, in Sankarea everybody can be wherever he wants to be whenever he wants to) is down with Rea and licks blood off her hands. I like how Babu is freaky, but also perfectly safe. Rea dies and blah blah, these early death scenes never have much of an impact to me (especially if we know that she’ll live again) so I’m not very interested in all of this and I’m happy once she stands up again. Finally, episode 1’s foreshadowing has come true: Rea has become a real zombie!

She's... alive!

Those red eyes, wow. This was pretty perfect, especially when Rea ripped Chihiro’s shirt. She’s alive, but not exactly like she used to be is the message this gets across. We’re in for a hell of a ride.

This looks amazing. That red on those blue and green flowers looks really impressive. Sankarea makes up for their average character designs with beautiful backgrounds.

And next week’s preview, just wow. I see Chihiro and Rea kissing, a Mero with bloody hands and another guy turned into a zombie. I think next week will pretty much blow our minds and be amazing. Seriously.

Rating: +

A strong episode, although it was a bit “more of the same” with the emphasis on Rea’s father’s creepiness. But the end was perfect and I’m all in for next week.

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