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Natsuiro Kiseki – Episode 3

Subs by Rori

I better get this done, since Natsuiro Kiseki is the reason for 60% of my page views.


Yuka and Rinko wished that Natsumi and Saki would make up again. Their wish was kind of warped: Natsumi and Saki were physically attached to each other because of the wish. But when the two of them made up, they were separated again.

About this episode

Since the fight between Saki and Natsumi is solved, I was wondering where Natsuiro Kiseki was going next. I’m actually pleasantly surprised that they continued on a story that was already started in episode 2: this friend of Daiki’s saw the four girls fly. This makes the story feel a lot less episodic to me, and that’s positive. One of the reasons that I watch anime is because I don’t like episodic shows that don’t show development and disregard things that happened previously.

Natsumi tells her little brother that she of course didn’t fly, because some secret anime law states that certain things cannot be known to humanity under no condition whatsoever. I was already sceptic when Natsumi was afraid that somebody had seen her. Why care, Natsumi? Well, this time it’s explained in the next scene.

Thank You-ka for raising this point.

Funnily enough, Yuka is the one who raises my question for me. I got the impression that she was kind of the dumb one in the group, but Yuka challenged an anime dogma over here. The responses are kind of weak in my opinion. According to Rinko, they’ll be abducted and inspected at a medical facility.

Which would actually be a hilarious twist to this anime.

Saki’s counter-argument is rock-solid: it’s the rock, not them. So now the rock will be operated on? The only other reason they can think of is that the rock might lose its magical powers if more people tried it. I understand that the rock is something magical, but this is a very egotistical argument.

Rinko is very unreasonable and illogical in this part. She won't be my favorite character in this show, I can tell you that.

Basically Natsumi, Saki and especially Rinko want to keep the magic to themselves. I know that this isn’t an anime about moral dilemma’s, but a magical rock could save lives and make the world a greater place. I think that other people might make better use out of it than four teenage girls.

But Saki and Natsumi are not finished yet. They are out for revenge.

I love those evil faces, even though they're not zoomed in.

The rock grants their wish to also make Yuka and Rinko stick to each other. I’m happy that this wasn’t an important part of this story – repeating episode 2 wouldn’t be very interesting here – but it was funny that they actually did do this. This supports my twisted rock theory that I have even more: the rock doesn’t fulfill wishes like they’re meant to be, or only fulfills “evil” wishes. It warped Yuka and Rinko’s wish in episode 2 and Rinko’s wish in episode 1, and now the rock allows Saki and Natsumi to take revenge.

By the way, unstuck is a brilliant word, thanks Rori.

Next we go to Daiki and Yuusuke. I’m actually not even sure who is “right” and “wrong” in this situation. Granted, Yuusuke did see them fly, but I don’t know why he is so obsessed with making the others believe him. He’s not smart enough to know that this sounds far-fetched? Then again, it’s also Natsumi’s fault for lying about it. And I understand that Daiki gets annoyed by his friend who can’t shut up about something. So blame Natsumi for lying and destroying their friendship? Or actually… why not blame Rinko who wished for flight in the first place? Yeah that’s it, let’s blame Rinko!

Daiki and Yuusuke have now gotten into a fight. Daiki is mad, but also feels sorry for what he did. But admitting that you’re wrong is always hard and I understand that he’d prefer to “run away” from his problems. So does Yuusuke, he also runs away from the whole thing. But Yuusuke has a new plan: stalk and inspect Saki. Which made some of the best moments in the episode, by the way.

Like this one.

But most of all, this part.

After talking to Daiki, Yuka and Rinko are released from their curse like Natsumi and Saki were in the previous episode. Seems like “doing a good dead” releases you again. I was happy that this problem was solved easily. After that, the girls meet up. They all know that they made a mistake and destroyed a friendship in the process. Saki has a plan to get them together. I was pleasantly surprised by it, but of course there’s one flaw. The rock is unpredictable and wishes aren’t just granted when they want them. But I wasn’t sure what would happen, if they will fly or not. Only time could tell.

A small detail that I noticed is that Saki is now more at peace with the idea of moving. It was a taboo before, but she mentioned it three times in this episode: first to Natsumi when she asked if Saki had plans, then to the girls when she explained the plan and at the end to Yuusuke when she was sad and everything. I’m really glad that she got over it and even though she might not be happy about it, she knows what’s best for everyone.

"I'm a witch"

The music in the next scene worked. It was a mysterious, ominous tune. Even though we know that Saki isn’t magical, it really places us in Yuusuke’s shoes. Saki standing there in the light of the street light was also a good touch.

Like we all knew from last week’s preview, Saki was cosplaying as a witch and I love it. Seriously, the person who designed Saki in the last two episodes did a very good job because I really like her look. And Yuka is wearing a tie, lol. The only problem is that I couldn’t find a decent shot of her as a witch in this episode to take a picture of. Anyways, Saki turned from somebody to be hated into my favorite character in the show with this episode once she realised that they failed. She was the one who cared about everything that happened between Daiki and Yuusuke most of all, even more than Daiki’s brother. The last part of this episode was really good too. Daiki and Yuusuke made up in the end, and Daiki also thanked his sister.

Rating: +

We’re on a good roll in Natsuiro Kiseki. This was Saki’s episode, hands down. I’m beginning to like her a lot and this anime is so much better than just a random slice of life thing. Next episode looks like it’ll focus on Yuka which is also good – Natsumi and Saki had the main roles in the first three episodes. We’re on 1/4 of the show now, but I already don’t want this to end.

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