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Medaka Box – Episode 3

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About this episode

We already knew that Zenkichi actually kicks ass from episode one. The whole “club crasher” plot seems like it mostly wants to highlight this fact again. In fact, the whole thing didn’t make a lot of sense in my opinion. He did it to make a name for himself, but didn’t want to leave a negative impression? He did it, according to himself, to prove that he’s a person to look out for. For some reason he suspects that there are people who are out to kill Medaka or something? I understand that he doesn’t want to leave Medaka alone, but having to fight is kind of ridiculous.

…until you realise that there actually are people who want to kill Medaka for some reason.

This was one well-designed bad guy.

When the evil-looking bad guy came up, we got some pretty epic music again. And his nail clippers, wow. That was pretty badass with the metal *CLUNK* sound effect. I just wonder how many fingers the guy has. I haven’t counted, but I’m pretty sure that I saw more than ten nails flying. Obviously this was all a set-up to make Zenkichi look tough more than anything else.

I kind of wished Zenkichi didn't stop them when I saw this scene.

More than anything, the first half was an introduction to the second half. We’re given a reason why Zenkichi didn’t visit the judo club: he’s got enemies too. And his enemy is a tall, long-haired wannabe bishounen. Since I never found male anime characters attractive it’s kind of hard to know if real women go crazy for them or not. I’m happy that I don’t understand certain things, but I guess that there has to be some truth since I see this kind of parody in other anime like Ouran High School Host Club and SKET Dance too.

What a fabulous guy, catching all the tripping girls.

Obviously Gainax uses every opportunity to give us service that they can. Can somebody explain to me why Medaka randomly stripping is a running joke or something? I still like it that Zenkichi isn’t all nosebleed and actually has common sense. I was actually expecting Medaka to go to the judo club like that after all.

Somewhere I know that this could really hurt people, but somewhere I wish this would be real life logic.

I don’t know where I should place the judo captain by the way. She seems like a real manipulative type, but she’s not manipulating anybody yet. Well, maybe a bit with the Zenkichi vs Akune but not as much as I expected. I thought that she’d be real evil. Of course she might if she seriously forces Zenkichi to leave the student council. But of course I know that it’ll be the other way, since I already saw the opening, preview and promotion pictures.

I expect him to strip every time he does this, gaawd. It still makes me laugh though.

So Akune is Medaka’s biggest fan or something. And since Zenkichi likes Medaka, he’s jealous and stuff. And so they’re rivals. I’m really curious about what happens next actually, with Zenkichi vs Akune.

Say whatever you want about Medaka Box, but this anime does evil glares right.

Aside from their evil looks in the picture above, you can see that Zenkichi’s natural color is brown, and that Akune cut his hair while Zenkichi let it grow. At least, I assume that the guy on the left is Zenkichi right? I can’t even recognise him.

While the two guys are fighting, Medaka beats up the whole judo club. And for next episode we even get a real cliffhanger! Zenkichi and Akune face off in judo. I’m looking forward to it.

Rating: /

Medaka is still lacking the energy that episode 1 had. Of course every series needs time to start up, but we’ve only got 12 episodes and we still need one more nakama after Akune. From what I read on forums, we’ll need to get further into the series before it gets real good and I’m afraid that we’ll never see that. Maybe Medaka will play a Fate Zero and launch season 2 right after season 1? I hope that next week will be awesome, since this felt more like an introduction than anything else. Gainax, you can’t fix everything by showing Medaka’s underwear ten times every episode.

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