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Zettai Karen Children – Chapter 298

Scanlated by Imperial Scans


Using their Quadruple Boost, the Children and Kyousukid are able to stop  the big bad monster, until it turns into a dark Gilliam. Kyousukid turns back into adult Kyousuke and defeats the Gilliam-ish thing.

About this chapter

Not that it really matters, but what language is the book that Minamoto is reading?

In case you didn’t see it (it took me a bit before I figured it out), the first page is this scene from chapter 296 from Sakaki’s perspective. Sakaki still hasn’t woken up and is now regaining his senses or something. Sakaki said something that I didn’t expect at all in this part: he pities Kyousuke. I’m not sure about their relationship before Kyousuke died became one of many split personalities inside Feather, but I thought that he hates Kyousuke like Minamoto does. I guess that some of this pity comes from his own experiences though: like Kyousuke Sakaki is a high-level ESPer, and these people are usually shunned. Maybe Sakaki was betrayed in the past too? Pretty much every high-level ESPer has this kind of a past.

Now comes a weird part. Sakaki wakes up and apparently doesn’t have memories after he collapsed. If he’s telling the truth (which I assume he is), he shouldn’t remember the part where he regained consciousness for a moment. So why does he draw the conclusion that he’s responsible for Minamoto’s wound? That’s not the first thing that I’d think when I’m placed in that situation. I conclude from this that Sakaki has to have some memory of his fit of rage. But why hide it? But I might read into this too much here.

What a cute "get well" gift from Shiho~

Shiho certainly made the last two chapters. What exactly does she want Sakaki to do now to “take responsibility”? Performing surgery on yourself must also be a very effective thing to do.  But Sakaki doesn’t look very determined next page.

He doesn’t have the balls to cut himself…

Just look at the picture above, Sakaki is crying over the thought of the report and Shiho’s threats. She sure got a hold of him sometime.

Now comes the most interesting part of this chapter. Kyousukid realises that his future self isn’t the greatest guy around and that it might be a bad idea to get him to return. Funny enough at the moment that Kyousuke actually had some nice thoughts when he saved the Children. But he would have sacrificed himself to not become a monster? He compares “himself” to Gilliam, which is pretty accurate, and decides to die instead. I don’t understand why Minamoto didn’t jump at this opportunity though. Maybe he thinks better of Kyousuke now he heard his thoughts? Or maybe because he would also lose Feather in the process? Or because he didn’t want to piss off Kaoru, who wanted to save him? I guess Minamoto might also just be too nice to let anyone die. Whatever his reason, both Kaoru and Minamoto order Kyousukid to stay, and Minamoto decides that he’ll try to make Kyousuke a good person. I agree that somebody with Kyousuke’s skill would be a great asset for B.A.B.E.L. and that would also stop P.A.N.D.R.A. at the same time. Of course he’ll have to take away Kyousuke’s hated that has lasted for seventy years, which is quite a challenge.

Also shame on Fujiko for casually hanging out with P.A.N.D.R.A., but Fujiko does whatever she wants I guess… Anyways Kyousukid seems to be a full member of the Children now and I’m curious about what’ll happen next. I mean, with Kyousuke out-of-the-way there isn’t that much left to do with this manga and I suspect that it’s entering its final stage soon: the war with Black Phantom.

Rating: +

How can’t a chapter with a lot of Shiho be good? And besides, we got some development from Kyousukid and Sakaki which is awesome. I’m really curious what’ll happen next (I assume a new story) and I hope that the next chapter will be out soon. I can always hope.

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