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Sankarea – Episode 2

Subs by Commie


A guy called Chihiro with a zombie fetish tries to resurrect his dead cat. While doing this in an abandoned building, he sees a girl called Sanka Rea outside shouting into a well to vent her frustration – she’s from a rich family. Rea and Chihiro start to talk and Rea says that she’ll become a zombie for Chihiro.

About this episode

Last episode focussed mainly on Chihiro. This episode is all about Rea. We already knew that she came from a messed-up family with a father who does some weird stuff with his daughter and that’s illustrated here.

Anyways, the episode begins at the abandoned building where Chihiro and Rea still try to resurrect Babu. For some reason Rea is watching a zombie movie instead of actually doing something useful.

Respect for Rea watching this without looking away - I hate bloody scenes.

Chihiro starts to realise that his attempts are kind of futile. Even someone like him knows that zombies aren’t real and I don’t think he ever took his attempt very seriously in the first place. But Rea is determined to do this. Why? That’s shown later: Rea wants to be reborn into a different family. This is the perfect chance for her.

And now we get the beautiful scenes that we all wanted to see: a very creepy father taking pictures of his naked five year-old daughter.

Enter pedodad.

I might be reading into this a bit much, but I see the “taking pictures” as a metaphor for rape/incest (we get a two-for-one combo deal). Not that that really changes a lot about the story though. But I think that everybody agrees that this is creepy and wrong. It gets a lot harder on Rea when she realises that she’s the only one whose dad does this kind of thing when she experiences her friends family.

This scene pisses me off in retrospect. Hypocritical bitch.

We go back to the present – Rea is getting a new poisonous plant for Chihiro. And since it’s easier to climb a random cliff than to pick one from her garden (logic ensures), she almost falls to death. What I don’t get though: how can Chihiro be up there fast enough to save Rea? I mean, he was far away at first. Second, why couldn’t Rea take the easy path like Chihiro did? Well OK, maybe the plant was somewhere where she had to climb to get it, but it still makes me wonder…

Heroic? Yes. Realistic? No.

This second flashback with Rea and her dad confuses me. I’m not sure where to place it. It has to have happened before today’s events, but we don’t know how long ago. Rea looks pretty much the same so it couldn’t have happened too long ago. But has this happened before she ever met Chihiro? We don’t know. What we do know, is that mr. Sanka is really scary. He has the power to force Rea’s friend to move? Wow. Did he know that she was the one who told Rea to oppose her father or did he pick her because she was important to Rea? He forces Rea to take another picture after all by threatening her this time. Maybe she should go to the police or something? Nobody ever goes to the police in anime though.

We’re back at the abandoned building and I think everybody has a hunch that they’ll resurrect the cat this time. I mean, Babu moves around in the opening. I know that that’s pretty bad proof, but still… I just now realised that the flower Rea’s wearing in her hair is the same kind of flower, fail.

This scene made me sceptical first, but when they showed the "do not try this at home" warning it because very funny.

Chihiro turns it into an ominous clear, purple drink with worms in it (ew). And Rea suddenly brings out a heart-shaped thing. I actually thought that she was going to add some extra thing to the drink, but at the end I understood that she did the opposite – she took some of the potion back home.

I love the shape though, it looks like it came directly out of a horror movie. I wonder how Rea got it...

The potion didn’t work, so I expected that Babu would wake up during the funeral the next day. I was pretty close, but not quite. Chihiro takes Rea home now. This part was a real treat, so much Rea cuteness. I like the clothes she’s wearing here too, including the hat. Of course, big bad dad sees Rea coming home.


Meanwhile Chihiro also comes home and is greeted by his cousin Ranko who makes up for Rea’s lack of boing. Awkwardness ensures when she wants to know what’s in Chihiro’s ice box. Of course he can’t hide it and when she opens it Babu suddenly leaps away. The potion worked after all. Lol at the evil-looking cat leaping away.

I almost thought that the foreshadowing last week was a lie. Until the very last scenes – Rea does a Romeo and Juliet-ish thing. She’ll “die” and be reborn. I can’t wait until next week.

Rating: +

This anime hasn’t ceased to amaze me – I still don’t know where we’re heading now. Rea is a great character too and I can’t wait until she finally “beats” her father. Judging from the preview she won’t just leave like that, but who knows. I’m expecting good stuff from this.

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