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Zettai Karen Children – Chapter 297

Scanlated by Imperial Scans


Minamoto and Kaoru were able to supress Sakaki who attacked them due to the cancer. Afterwards they tie up Sakaki and decide to go with a Triple Boost to finish off the cancer with Shiho’s psychometry at the core.  Kyousukid wants to join in. Minamoto first didn’t want him to because he wouldn’t be able to synchronise with the Children, but he remembers that Kyousukid also has future Kaoru/Shiho/Aoi inside him and thus Kyousukid is allowed to join. The four now dive into Sakaki’s subconciousness.

About this chapter

I feel quite awesome to finish this within two hours after IS released the chapter. First reaction: that cover looks cool! I love their uniform now (maybe except for the barret) and especially Kaoru looks amazing. I also love the use of screentone on the cover here. No yonkoma though, but I have no complaints.

I could just have copy-pasted the entire page because I found it hilarious. Awesome Shihoness all around. For those who don’t know, I looked it up: the Sanzu river is a river that the souls of the dead have to cross to reach the afterlife or something like that. Pretty much like the river Styx in Greek/Roman mythology.

Kaoru attacks, no effect. And then Aoi psychokineses it. It’s been mentioned earlier that teleportation is the “hardest” ESP power (which is why Aoi sucks in half of the battles because of a bump on her head, rain etc.), so does that mean that she would be the strongest esper in the group? I kind of wish Aoi could waken up some psychokinesis for real and suddenly be stronger than Kaoru. Wishful thinking on my part I guess, but it would be kind of awesome if that happened some time. Fujiko and Kyousuke got multiple powers as well, so why can’t our absolutely lovely teens do that?

I'm not sure if this was meant to be as mean as it sounds?

Kyousukid doesn’t seem bad either. The three Children dote on him almost like on a little brother which makes him blush shyly. “They praised me!” Aaawww! Minamoto still doesn’t want Kyousuke to give advice to them though. He’s jealous or something lol.

And now Sakaki gets freed… But it turns into a kind of Gilliam. And the first thing Kaoru does… is offend it? She calls him miserable and pathetic, but I’m not sure if that was out of pity or not. Luckily, Kaoru is saved from Gilliam’s hands by… a polka-dotted Kyousuke.

I'm not kidding, this looks really weird imo.

And now the weirdest thing ever happens. I kind of started to appreciate Kyousuke more. I never really liked him because he’s all “Normals are evil, the Children are in a bad place” and his only drive to do anything is pure frustration because of his past. Now he says something very different. His wings were broken, so he wants to protect the Children from any harm. He’s still a pedo but at least he has learned along the way in my opinion. The enemy is an esper and not the normals anymore. And lol, Minamoto heard everything and is pissed. And jealous. Since nobody is allowed to love his children!

Rating: +

Awesome chapter! Funny, action, character development. I enjoyed this one a lot and I hope that the next chapter will resolve this story. Oh, and we’re heading towards 300 chapters which is also very cool.

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