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Natsuiro Kiseki – Episode 1

Subs by Rori


Four happy-looking girls in a summer-themed slice of life anime. Obviously this won’t be a masterpiece of the anime world, but I guess these anime are pleasant to watch once a week. Another reason why I decided to watch this, is that I’m somewhat of a Sphere “fan”. For those who don’t know, Sphere is a j-pop group with four seiyuu in it. Their songs Realove:Realife and Hazy are big favorites of mine actually. 75% of their singles don’t interest me that much, but I guess I follow them for the remaining 25%. Anyways, I’m not expecting a lot out of this except for a good way to kill time.

About this episode

After a short flash-back we get the Sphere opening. Of course Sphere sings the opening and ending to “their” anime. The opening was actually really good in my opinion. If anybody is interested, the single is officially released on the 25th of April so we’ll have to wait for the full version to come out.

I’m not reviewing j-pop here (although this is pretty close to it, lol) so I’ll talk about the episode from now on again. The beginning was kind of strange to be honest.

Why the grim face when she opened and closed the curtains?

I had to think about this scene for a while. I stumbled onto it when I flipped through the episode for the review, and I started wondering what was going on. It was implied that Saki and Natsumi are neighbors later in the episode though, so I guess she was looking if Saki was awake or not.

Later, Saki's mom says that Natsumi's mom didn't know they were moving. Kind of vague in my opinion though, they didn't work this out very clearly.

Still it’s kind of strange: if we assume that Saki woke up at the same moment, it doesn’t make sense that she would have opened her curtains yet since she would be changing (the reason Natsumi closed the curtains again, I assume). Of course I’m thinking too much about this, it’s just a bit of forshadowing Saki’s actions.

Another wtf for me. I was not sure who Natsumi’s mom was talking to. First she was calling somebody (I assumed that “Daiki” was the girl from this, but the name doesn’t sound very female), and suddenly Natsumi appeared behind her. It took us half an episode to find out that she was talking to Natsumi’s little brother. Kind of sloppy in my opinion, they should have shown the little brother in the beginning to avoid misconceptions.

And now fifteen minutes of rage follow. I mean, Saki is such a bitch! I just don’t get her at all, she got into a fight with Natsumi for no reason at all. Even though she’s moving, she can still play tennis with her. And the whole moving part was really mean as well. For some reason you won’t tell your friends about this at all? Come on. I felt really sorry for Natsumi who didn’t do anything wrong, but still got hurt incredibly by Saki.

I don’t really care for the other two characters – Ringo and Yuka. I’ve never liked Ringo-ish characters at all to be honest, they’re kind of awkward to watch when they say something they want in an incredibly monotone voice like Ringo did with her wish. It’s a matter of preferance though, I know that Nagato Yuki from Haruhi for example is pretty popular. Yuka… my biggest complaint with her is her hair color, lol. I don’t like olive green on girls. She’s could become pretty fun though depending on how the story develops. I mean, look at Toradora’s Minori.

For some reason they decided to toss the same flashback in twice. Luckily they added a bunch of stuff to it though. Kind of ironic that they want to become idols since this is the Sphere anime. I don’t hope that they really seriously try to become idols though, that just doesn’t seem to fit in with the “tone” of the series. Saki really pissed me off here as well (in the present). Come on, can’t you relax for a little bit? You’re leaving your friends with a very negative picture of you now.

The following scene was kind of strange too. Everybody briefly did wish that they could fly? If you look closely at the moment when Ringo wished for them to fly, they weren’t even touching the rock in the first place.

Not even Ringo's touching the rock right now...

Saki, you're not allowed to look cute when you're such an unpleasant character.

But now we get the weirdest part of the whole episode to be honest. The ending. They show them singing as little kids, but the song doesn’t sound like little kids at all. It was implied that the girls were singing in the animation though. But that’s me, I guess.

Gawd Saki! Even now she just walks away. She just flew, and now she’s all like “Oh I’m through playing games with you”? I sure hope she feels sorry for everything in the next episode. And I hope that Natsumi doesn’t just forgive her easily.

Rating: +

So I expected it to be light-hearted and cute. That sure didn’t happen though. I was somehow pleasantly suprised by that. Still, Saki gave her all to piss off us viewers during this episode. I guess this is going to be a fun ride though. Not the highest quality anime like I expected, but I didn’t feel sorry that I watched it at all.

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