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Little Busters anime trailer

Here it is! A trailer of the Little Busters! anime!

Since it’s not like I’ve got anything better to write about right now all I can do is repost Little Busters! stuff. It doesn’t look like KyoAni to be honest, so that was a letdown, but did you guys know that there are also good anime not made by KyoAni? Really! I’m not joking! There’s like… Pokemon Best Wishes? Well that kind of sucks but still you get my point.

About the trailer: first we get signature Key-ish sad music. There are some japanese words that I can’t read. A nice guy called EverythingISayIsRight (luckily his nickname states that this is correctly translated) from Reddit translated it for us (source):

“We need your help!”

“Who are you?”


“We are…”

I imagine its the group of boys there reaching out to talk to the one boy who is alone.

The song isn’t quite Kanon or Clannad, but I guess every one of them has their own flavor as well. And suddenly. FREAKIN’ ROCK TRACK! I really like this one actually, I hope that it’s the opening to the series. I’ve checked, and it’s VNs opening:

I dig this already. I never really got into the Clannad openings and I just like Kanon’s because I’ve heard it so often. Air’s opening is nice every now and then, but I need to be in the mood for it. But this is amazing!

And the end of the video was just wtf. Hulihulihumuv with a masked guy. He doesn’t look kawaii enough to be a heroine in disguise or something. Anyways, looking forward to this a lot! Please let this be autumn or something. Don’t Shana me by making me wait for two years and disappoint me as well…

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