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Zettai Karen Children – chapter 291

Scanlation by Imperial Scans:


Continuing with Kyousuke vs Gilliam. Kyousuke taunts Gilliam, and Gilliam finally snaps when Kyousuke calls him “useless”. Gilliam activates ECMs, which forces Feather/Future Kaoru to turn back into her real raremetal form. Kyousuke tells Feather that he’ll leave the future to her and end his life, and he throws the raremetal away. Because of the ECMs limiting his psychic powers, Kyousuke gets impaled by a spikey thing on the roof while holding onto Gilliam and saving him. Black Phantom turns off the ECMs to save Gilliam. Gilliam wants to use Kyousuke’s body to improve his clones.  Now the raremetal is outside of the range of the ECMs and all three of the future Children appear. According to them, history is changing bit for bit: Nai is still alive and Yuuri is still on their side. Future Aoi uses the ultimate teleportation technique, Maximum Spacial Distortion, to make sure Black Phantom does not get Kyousuke’s body. Kyousuke is sent to an imaginary space outside of space itself and dies.

About this chapter:

I’m hoping that the mecha Minamoto/Kyousuke/Sakaki thing in the supplement stops soon, I’m kind of growing tired of them lol. And poor Tim and Bullet are not getting enough love from our Children. Dawwww. A very cute title page as
well, although Kaoru’s face looks kind of weird on it imo. Shiho inside the snowman is adorable though.

And we’ve left the flash-back. So Hanzo is fighting against…? I have no clue to be honest. I really wish I had a good wiki or community to go to for ZKC to check this kind of stuff out. Oh well.

So for some reason, Gilliam was kept alive by Kyousuke. The question is, why? We already know that Black Phantom is part of the war that is coming up between espers and normals, so maybe Kyousuke felt that he had to leave Black
Phantom alive? So Kaoru does turn into the Queen of Catastrophe and that espers do fight normals? I guess that could be it, since I guess Kyousuke does want espers to defeat normals. Then again, why didn’t Feather kill Gilliam
instead if that’s the cause of the war? I guess theories won’t do me any good at this point because the future is still kind of vague.

So kid Kyousuke/Feather/raremetal goes to Pandra because it’s safer. The scene where Fujiko pokes into Kiritsubo’s eyes made me lol, poor guy. Kashiwagi and Fujiko then talk about the political climate and espers. Is this
forshadowing? Babel being shut down and thus the Children going to Pandra or something? Who knows.

“I hate you, old monster lady” together with Fujiko’s nice and happy face. I love this. And for some reason,Shiho eating her pocky’s gets me every time. Still, just turning him into raremetal was a pretty decent punishment. I expected worse. Oh oh. “Date” with Fujiko? The one person Sakaki doesn’t want to date lol. I’m
not sure exactly what Sakaki didn’t tell them yet though, if it’s about Yuuri’s identity or Pandra knowing about Yuuri? Oh well, we’ll find out next chapter.

Rating: +

I guess this was kind of an interlude. I’m really curious about what’s going to happen now though. With Kyousuke gone, I think the situation will soon get worse. Is this the beginning of the end? Anyways, it was a fun chapter. I want some focus on the Children next though, we’ve had a lot of Kyousuke and other grown-ups stuff going on lately.

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